Itoshi no Nekokke 2

Sorry to post again so soon. orz;; But exciting news—!!

Itoshi no Nekokke volume two!! \;A;/ Kijitora posted about it today; otherwise I wouldn’t have known until there was a notice in Citron this month. Ahhh so happy. The extras in the first volume were just so charming so I wonder what Kumota will write up this time.

Anyway the book is set for release on February 1st! So long from now. ;; Patience, patience…


2 responses to “Itoshi no Nekokke 2”

  1. azurelucy says :

    SuBLime is taking requests for future projects on fb and twitter, and I actually requested this manga in their twitter. Considering that all their licensed works so far are from Libre and some of them are a bit of an underdog,it might have a chance. So, if you’re into it you should spread the word so more people will request this title.

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