Ootsuki Miu “Vanilla Resort” chapter 1

I know I usually don’t talk about stories chapter by chapter but I’m kind of excited about this new Ootsuki Miu story through drap. Like I said on tumblr a couple days ago, as much as I liked Ouji Hiroimashita and Familiar and even Playzone, I was starting to wonder if I was falling out of love with Ootsuki Miu a little bit because I thought the stories were cute but they didn’t have that extra something to make me really fall in love. But it seems like Vanilla Resort has what it takes to make me excited about Ootsuki’s works again aside from them just having gorgeous art and wonderful H scenes.

Vanilla Resort is actually the story of Akiharu, an assistant and helper to ero comic artist Mutsumi. Mutsumi and Akiharu have known each other since high school as they were both in the same basketball club with Akiharu as the senpai and Mutsumi as the kouhai. Now they pretty much live together. Akiharu seems to think incredibly highly of Mutsumi—even though he draws ero comics, he’s incredibly hardworking and dedicated to his craft. So Akiharu wants to do whatever he can to help Mutsumi along the way. Even though he doesn’t know much about ero things, he can cook and clean and do the shopping and paste on tone.

However, Akiharu then runs into an old classmate from their club who gets him thinking after asking a somewhat embarrassing question: “since you’re working on erotic comics, don’t you get turned on all the time?” Akiharu admits that, yeah, sometimes he does get a little aroused while he’s working but it’s no bit deal. But then his old classmate says something that really gets stuck in Akiharu’s mind.

“But since Mutsumi is the one creating the manga, I suppose it’s probably even harder for him…”

Akiharu had only barely considered it before—that he and Mutsumi are always together so Mutsumi rarely has a chance to get off. So what if Mutsumi is suffering through always having to calm down his erections due to Akiharu’s presence? Then to make matters worse, Akiharu gets home from shopping (and his accidental meeting with their club classmate) and find Mutsumi masturbating with an ona hole in the dark. Of course, he rushes right out of the room. But the more he thinks about it, the more he’s bothered; he really wants to be there to help Mutsumi, and earlier Mutsumi admitted his wrist was hurting from working on comics all night.

Not really sure what comes over him, Akiharu barges back into the room and announces that he’s going to help Mutsumi masturbate. Initially Mutsumi is too embarrassed and refuses, but evidently Akiharu is very convincing—he promises he won’t talk and Mutsumi can close his eyes and pretend it’s a girl. But Mutsumi says it’s okay if Akiharu talks. While Akiharu is pretty much giving him a handjob with the ona hole, Mutsumi grips Akiharu’s leg and calls his name. Eventually it’s over and Akiharu tries to go back to talking like his normal helpful!assistant self, but the second he gets outside the room he collapses to the ground amazed and exasperated by how turned-on he is from getting Mutsumi off.

idk I just really really like this story so far. I love how Akiharu’s admiration of Mutsumi is a little over-the-top but so far no one really considers it love. But then on the other side of the coin, you kind of get the feeling Mutsumi (though he’s not shown too often in this chapter so far) has feelings for Akiharu, considering he eventually let Akiharu jack him off and even touched him and called out his name in the process. So it’ll be interesting to see how their relationship progresses (hopefully with lots of delicious sexual tension) from here! I’m definitely excited about the next chapter—hopefully this time around it’ll be another longer story from Ootsuki.

Anyway, another gift from me to you: Psyche Delico’s pin-up illustration!

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8 responses to “Ootsuki Miu “Vanilla Resort” chapter 1”

  1. Arya says :

    JAFGSDHFASHGDAJF I’M DYING FOR MORE SCANLATED MANGA OF OOTSUKI MIU TT A TT. This new manga from her seems great too and I loove those blue eyes * V *b. Akiharu seems like such a cute uke too (well, idk yet if he’ll be the uke or the seme but FROM HIS APPEARANCE he looks totally uke :D).
    Thank you for Psyche Delico`s pin-up illust! :D I hope to read more of that artist too, I liked Kizudarake no Airabuyuu so much ; u ;.

    Aah btw Fuuko, can I send you a x-mas card ; u ;?

    • ふう子 says :

      For a while it seemed like English fandom really loved Ootsuki Miu but lately it doesn’t seem like many of her stories are being translated. :<

      I agree re: Akiharu! I love characters like him, who seem to have feelings for someone but really don't realize it at all. I wonder how much he's going to have to be pushed to start noticing his affection for Mutsumi.

      awwww you're so sweet! ;A; Of course you can! Just send me an email and I'll reply with my address. I'd just post it here but I don't want any death threats in my mailbox haha.

      • Arya says :

        I didn’t know Ootsuki Miu before I stumbled on your blog and was so excited to see that a few of her works had been scanlated already… BUT NOW THERE’S NOTHING NEW *SOB*.

        Are you going to review this chapter by chapter?

        And okay, I’m sending you an email right now :D!

        • ふう子 says :

          awww hopefully something new by her will be picked up soon!

          HMMM I don’t know if I’ll review it chapter by chapter. It probably depends on how excited each chapter gets me. orz;; lol if there are any boring chapters I probably won’t talk about them but if they’re all really exciting I probably won’t be able to stop myself.

  2. azurelucy says :

    I had to look up what an ona hole was because, to me, it kinda looked painful.

    I want more Oootsuki Miu and Psyche Delico! Why aren’t they more popular!!?? I’m kinda disgusted with the yaoi fandom since it seems that what they absolutely love is what I find only okay. The other day there was a poll to choose a manga that we wanted scanlated and I swear the majority choose the most cliched looking manga in the pile; I like cliches (sometimes) but I want new stuff, co*o!

    Have you ever considered working for an scanlation group?

    • ふう子 says :

      haha yeah, they’re kind of… weird. Supposedly they feel just like an actual vag but I find that kind of doubtful and unfortunately have no reason to buy one and actually see for myself. orz

      Agreed! I’m really excited that Psyche Delico is now publishing regularly in Reijin, though! Maybe that means I can hope for a comic release by her in 2012?? And I know how you feel–sometimes I get frustrated about how fandom whines about cliche manga but at the same time always gravitates toward the more cheesy, ‘standard’ titles. It’s like, “of COURSE they’re all cliche because you keep picking the cliche ones!!”

      I haven’t haha. orz;;; Sorry. I’m super duper lazy and I’m the type who gets crotchety when people ignore my requests and rules and scanlation groups have to deal with that on a regular basis.

      • azurelucy says :

        lol, I actually saw the manga I was talking about in your tumblr today. I complained but I still got into it at the end, the promise of smut always defeats me.

        • ふう子 says :

          hahaha you mean that Hitomi no Dokusenyoku? That one is definitely very cheesy/cliche, though I read it right when I was craving such a type of story. Simple and smutty. :9

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