“Punch” continuation!

First off, thank you all so much for your insanely sweet congratulatory comments/messages re: my last post!! ;A;)/

Anyway I’m pretty sure I already talked about it—Kano Shiuko’s incredibly popular series, Punch, is now continuing in Libre’s b-Boy Honey anthologies since a continuation of P.B.B. has evidently taken it’s slot in BexBoy Gold. However, I didn’t realize Punch would not just be continuing but would also get the cover of the latest issue:

The above picture was taken from a pamphlet that came with Asou Kai’s latest book (which arrived yesterday sd;gljs;gsddf) so I took a picture of it. Unfortunately there isn’t really a high-quality version of the cover up anywhere yet so this will have to do.

I’m not sure what to think of Punch continuing. On the one hand I’m really excited, because Kouta will always be one of my favorite comic characters—his personality is just so charming to me. I wonder if the fact that it’s reappearing in b-Boy Honey of all places means these will just be small fluff continuations. Or perhaps just one short continuation to be included in the next release for P.B.B.? Which I could definitely see, since if I recall correctly there are random chapters for P.B.B. in Punch. Though that would be vaguely unfortunate for me, since I’ve planned on owning Punch but am not necessarily interested enough in P.B.B. to want to own it.

Siiiiiiigh oh well. I like Kouta too much to miss out on any random chapters. It’s already taking all of my willpower to not just cave and buy b-Boy Honey so I can read it right away.


4 responses to ““Punch” continuation!”

  1. kokiden says :

    How awesome! Looking at blushing Kouta! Well, I’m a huge P.B.B. phan, so I would buy it iph I had space on my shelves phor more manga. WHich I don’t!

    • ふう子 says :

      Isn’t he adorable? Haha I’m starting to run into the ‘no space left for books’ problem myself. orz;; Pretty soon I’m going to have to start just stacking them on my shelves.

  2. sacheerio says :

    OMG. This is awesome <3~ I love this series and the smuttiness too ;A;~

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