Kumota Haruko “Itoshi no Nekokke” chapters 16 & 17

Sorry this took so long! How long ago did I say I’d probably make this post? A month ago? orz;;; I’m pretty slow this month. Though first I want to share this:

I guess starting in December Libre is having a fair during which you can get these adorable Itoshi no Nekokke postcards that are almost like little wedding invitation for Mii and Kei. So cute! I’ll be so horribly tempted to buy it second-hand if I see it on an auction site. orz

Anyway, onto the actual chapters! As I said before, this time around Mii and Kei are actually able to go all the way. *w*)/ Congratulations to them! Though, of course, it wouldn’t be Mii and Kei’s story without first having plenty of annoying interruptions and glorious sexual tension.

Chapter 16 see Mii and Kei in their room together while Mii rushes to finish a manuscript before Hino comes to pick it up. But while he’s trying to concentrate on his writing, Kei is next to him reading one of his dirty books and gets both turned on from the descriptive sex scenes and pissy about Mii ignoring him. So eventually he puts his head in Mii’s lap and starts rustling around until Mii can’t stand him anymore and shoves him onto the futon.

They get in plenty of heavy petting and Mii ends up giving Kei another blowjob, but unfortunately they have to stop there since Mii really needs to finish his manuscript and Hino is going to arrive any second. Much to Kei’s disappointment as he lounges in bed, pouting and with his pants half down his ass.

But chapter 17 for the win! Still hung up about having to stop halfway without release and still not being able to go all the way with Kei, Mii is hopeful after going to a gay bar with Kitahara and Haru (who really do seem to be an item at this point—they’re not even denying it anymore!) that they’ll finally get there. But by the time he’s able to get to the bar Kei is pretty much already out cold on Kitahara’s shoulder. So Mii (still not ready to give up!!) books a hotel room for them.

Unfortunately Kei is still pissed at him for not showing up until way late when he’s finally vaguely sober, so they go to sleep in separate beds. But while Mii is crawling into the bed Kei isn’t occupying, Kei suddenly calls out to him and beckons him over. Lying together, they have a talk about why Mii hasn’t made a move yet to make Kei his (which involves Mii saying he was worried about Kei’s feelings, and Kei telling Mii to talk to him instead of assuming how he feels), and, desperate, Mii finally caves and leads Kei to the final steps of losing his anal virginity. It’s not a very sexy scene, with Mii’s tongue lolling out while he tries to loosen Kei up via rimming and using his fingers, but the dialogue is all very silly and sweet and realistic for a ‘first time’ kind of sex scene so it’s very enjoyable nonetheless!

It’s funny how Mii comes so quickly due to it being his long-awaited first time with his much-beloved Kei-chan. He tries to close his eyes during their love-making so he can hold out longer but Kei won’t let him, and so he doesn’t last long. Then, of course, Kei-chan ends their love-making with a promise: to also make Mii feel the pleasure he did while they had sex. AKA, he wants to top next time. Poor Mii—what’s a bari-tachi who has never ever bottomed before to do?

I guess we’ll just have to see next time! \o/


4 responses to “Kumota Haruko “Itoshi no Nekokke” chapters 16 & 17”

  1. azurelucy says :

    A reversible couple! I hope Kumota-sensei delivers it. Even though I can’t understand Japanese, the hope that either someone will translate this or that in the future I will be able to read Japanese sustains me.

    It’s too bad that Kumota Haruko is not that popular in English fandom.

    • ふう子 says :

      Possibly reversible! That is, if Mii has no say in the matter lol. But I think the reason Kumota is trying to make them a reversible couple is that (within the standards of BL) she’s trying to make Mii and Kei as much like a realistic gay couple as possible. A lot of the problems with their relationship are fairly realistic to gay couples (i.e. coming out to family, getting people to take their relationship seriously even though they can’t marry/have kids, promiscuity at gay clubs, finding friends and comrades who accept them, etc.) It’s such a great, sweet story. 8)

      It is. Kumota had a burst of popularity during the short period in which Nobara was being scanlated, but after that the fandom seems to have dropped her and lost interest. Unfortunately, Itoshi no Nekokke may well never be scanlated since it’s published under Libre.

      • azurelucy says :

        I’m hoping that Kei manages to convince Mii.

        Nobara is not even completely scanlated, which sucks. There’s always the change that some of the her stuff might get localized in NA. I’m pretty sure that Libre has an agreement with SuBLime, so they might publish it but looking at SuBLime’s list it seems a bit iffy. There’s also DMG who have, so far, published some pretty obscure manga but I don’t think I’ve seen any Libre titles in their current list. But June has published Libre titles before, so there’s some hope.

        • ふう子 says :

          Yeah. :< The main story is, but only one chapter of Mimi-kun and then Bird was never picked up. It's unfortunate. Maybe at some point one of her works will be licensed.

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