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♔ → For those who’re fans of Takarai Rihito and are still super excited about Hana wo Mizo Shiru volume two, b’s-garden added a page for the release with stuff like an interview with Takarai, information about her other releases, information about the story thusfar, and also a very pretty purple wallpaper.

♔ → Amagakure Gido has a new BL release this month! If I recall correctly, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by her—she does have one BL release, but mostly she seems to write shoujo/josei comics. To commemorate her new BL release Chill Chill interviewed her. I’m going to wait until I’ve read something by her to read her interview (otherwise I’ll feel like a faker tbh) but if you’re already into her works you can read the interview here!

♔ → In news of yet more covers to get excited over:

Kojima Lalako has the cover of Moca this month! I initially learned about it when my friend Snakey mentioned it on twitter, but then I didn’t actually see it until yesterday when Kojima tweeted about it herself. Definitely another home-run for Kojima Lalako—sometimes I sincerely wonder if it’s possible for her to create an image that isn’t insanely endearing. I’ve done a pretty good job not buying Moca thusfar, but this is definitely testing my resolve. Aside from that is Nimoda Ai’s cover for her debut book through HertZ! Very cute. *w*)/ I figured I should post this one as well, considering I also talked about her Citron book.

♔ → Because my usual source for BL new went on hiatus, it’s become much harder for me to find new release information but that makes it even more of an exciting surprise when I find out about a new book coming out that I really really want. For instance, while surfing Chill Chill last night for covers and release info, I found this gem: Manako will be releasing her second book, this time through Baby Comics, on December 26th! *A*)/ Uwaaaa!! I haven’t read many of her stories from Baby (since, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to afford buying Baby regularly) but the ones I have read were absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see what all she has to offer through them! Also, Poe Backs is releasing a Magi doujinshi anthology. Definitely relevant to my interests. Thank god for Christmas gift money.

♔ → Speaking of Baby, I was surprised to find they have a book coming out this month and doubly surprised to find it looks really cute. A debut book by Kazuki Thought, it would seem.

Initially I was apprehensive since Poe Backs also releases doujinshi anthologies (obviously, considering my previous paragraph) and the characters look freakishly similar to that Exorcist anime I’ve been seeing around lately. But from the description on Chill Chill it definitely sound like an original book—a kozure story about a guy meeting his old fling from college who is now a widower with one child to his name. Sounds like something I can get behind, so hopefully it really isn’t just some random doujinshi anthology with a mixed-up description.

♔ → I found a super amazingly huge POP image for Nobara Aiko’s Akiyama-kun for all those others who just can’t seem to get enough of that book: CLICK! Ughhhh I want to reread it now. ;;

♔ → Gojoe Tiger has a story in Aqua Pipi, which is a cellphone BL publication with a name that always makes me giggle like a six-year-old. If you go here and scroll near the bottom you can see some tiny samples of her work, as well as the others in the current issue. For those lucky bastards who have a Japanese cellphone, please tell me if her story is good or not!

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2 responses to “today in BL manga”

  1. Kery says :

    Oh dear me that is one VERY BIG POP.
    I went and bought the book after reading your recommendation, but I haven’t had time to read it yet :( Now I feel like reading it but exams are in two days. Sniff.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I’m such a loser; I set it to my iPad background. I was so excited to find such a HQ image for one of my favorites stories. orz

      I hope you like it when you get a chance to read it—hopefully I didn’t over-hype it for you. And good luck with your exams!!

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