Junko “Konbini-kun” cover release

sorry to be spamming you yet again with more covers (I promise to post something with some substance soon!!) but I just did my daily check over amazon for updated covers and reviews and this little baby popped up and sd;glj;gsdgsd just more proof of how glorious and flawless Junko is.

The cat! The dopey adorable smile! The rainbow lettering! Everything about it is just ridiculously cute ughhhh. I can’t wait to get this sexy beast in my hands and read it in full all the way through in one sitting. AND THE EXTRA. AHHHH THE EXTRA. ;; I’ll take whatever new content for Konbini-kun that I can get my hands on! Why is it that plenty of BL manga I don’t particularly like are ongoing forever, but the ones I absolutely adore have to end? orz

Anyway, a reminder: the book comes out on the 25th of this month (the same day as the Dame BL anthology, as you may have forgotten) so make sure to mark your calendar! I’m super excited to buy this book—even though I absolutely adore all the stories Junko has released thusfar, Konbini-kun has a special place in my heart since I found Nakaba-kun to be so relateable and endearing. ;A;)/


6 responses to “Junko “Konbini-kun” cover release”

  1. Kuro says :

    The cover is adorable!! V V I read this chapter by chapter and it was just overwhelmingly endearing to say the least! XD

  2. azurelucy says :

    Most of the time you show covers of manga I haven’t read or have no hope of reading in the foreseeable future, but I’ve actually read part of this manga. Do you know how many chapters it has in total? I’ve only read up to chapter 4.

    I love Junko, and wish everything of hers was in English.

  3. Midnightveil says :

    AUGH Konbini-kunnnn!!! The cat’s on it too! Thanks for notifying the rest of us that this AWESOMENESS will be out <3

    • ふう子 says :

      np! :> I think the cat absolutely makes the cover–it plays such an oddly important part in their relationship growing closer so I’m glad Junko included it as well. So cute. *w*

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