covers + release update

Sorry for my absence! I haven’t had much access to my regular computer, so it’s been too much of a pain to blog. orz;; I have at least been trying to dutifully read and keep up to date with BL and BL news, though, if that means anything.

Recently there are two new cover releases I wanted to post since I quite like them: one by Est Em and the other by Mio Junta.


Somehow the coloring style Est Em used feels different than usual, and I quite like it. As for Mio Junta’s, well… it’s just really cute. orz;; tbh I was originally thinking of putting off buying it since it’s through drap (and I’ve thus likely already read all of it), but with a cute cover like that I doubt I’ll be able to resist.

In other news, Katou Setsuko actually will be releasing a book in 2011! Unfortunately, it’s at the super far end of 2011: late December through Asuka CL-DX. The title is Hi wo Otoshita Ato de. Or something like that. Either way, I may have jumbled the romanization but it’s still something to look forward to! Also, a Kitazawa Kyou book through Hanaoto, Ijimekko no Okuda-kun, to be released in late January.

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4 responses to “covers + release update”

  1. azurelucy says :

    Age Called Blue immediately came to mind when I saw Est Em’s cover. Must be the blue, because they don’t really look alike.

  2. Arya says :

    WAAAAAH Mio Junta’s cover IS REALLY CUUUUTE. I’ve only read Uwasa no Oujisama from her; her drawings are cute but the story wasn’t particularly interesting. Has she improved? :D
    I’m quite excited for Katou Setsuko’s new release * V *!!! I really like her works, somehow they just pull me in instantly.
    I should start reading some of Est Em’s works too = w =;;;

    • ふう子 says :

      well… tbh it’s kind of hard for me to say since I personally quite liked Uwasa no Oujisama. orz But I like her stories. They’re not very deep and have a pretty simple premise but I think they’re cute/fun to read.

      I’m excited for Katou’s book, too! :> I was sad for a while thinking she wouldn’t release anything at all this year, so it’s nice to see her have at least one book to her name in 2011!

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