Ootsuki Miu “Fimiliar” extra book

My Ootsuki Miu book came in the mail today! Usually when I buy a book I’ve already read it’s not very exciting, to be completely honest. But I was still looking forward to this one because of the special booklet and the extras. (If there were any, since sometimes there aren’t. orz) But luckily not only did I get my booklet and my extra chapter, but there was another surprise for me in this book!

But anyway, I figured I’d post about it on here since I know there are probably some people arguing with themselves over whether or not the extra booklet is worth the extra cost and the stress of having to buy it right away before supplies run out. So maybe this will make it a little easier for you guys to decide!

warning for nsfw content!

The extra booklet is, just as I had hoped tbh, literally one big sex scene. (Though really, it’s a fantasy sequence by Ryouhei…) Ryouhei comes home to find his step-brother Nanao in an apron with no other clothes on, which leads to kissing and then petting and licking and fingering then finally they move to the bed.

Of course, at the end we get Nanao’s commentary that he’d be willing to do naked apron if Ryouhei would stop being a chicken and just ask. Also, can I just say Nanao is so… unf. I love Ootsuki’s bottom characters who love sex. They’re the best.

Anyway, as for the extra surprise: a oneshot chapter by Ootsuki that I had never read before! That’s pretty exciting, since I was thinking there weren’t any more Ootsuki Miu stories through drap that I hadn’t read. This one was actually published right before I started buying drap regularly, in the December 2009 issue.

The story is about two young men who meet each other through work and then end up having semi-drunk curiosity!sex one night. Which, of course, leads them down the lane of becoming affectionate toward one-another and falling in love. Very cute! Then the extra chapter is also about them and has a really cute H scene.

Also surprising was Ootsuki Miu’s profile section. She’s usually pretty private (even supposedly going so far as hiding her website and not wanting it linked…) so it was weird to see her put both her birthday and her city of residence.

And then finally, just a random illustration form her talk section that I thought was cute:

bunny boy. *w*

Overall, I’m glad I got the extra edition! For a while I was worried that I wouldn’t, since I kept putting off my order for the release of Dame BL Anthology. (Since that was before the release date was extended. orz) But it seems like there wasn’t any need to be in a rush to get the book—it’ll probably still be in print for at least a month or so.


2 responses to “Ootsuki Miu “Fimiliar” extra book”

  1. cat says :

    funny when ever I see you write “NSFW” I immediately follow under the cut.
    thanks! :)

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