They’re already on volume five! Sorry I haven’t really talked about iHertZ at all on here—to be honest I try to ignore its existence since I’m not a fan of digital books at all. Especially the ones from JP publishers, which put so many anti-piracy devices on that sometimes it’s almost impossible to read the damn things anyway. (I’m looking at you, b-Boy Cube…) But I figured I’d still post about this one because. Well. Kojima Lalako.

Yep: Kojima Lalako. It became impossible for me to ignore this issue because of the cover. And also, if you go to their site you can read a small sample of each story. So that’s what I did, and now I am hooked not only on Kojima Lalako’s but also Minazuki Akira’s. orz;;; Why can’t I learn to just stay away from these things; it would save me so much money! Watch me end up buying it when I get home sob.

Anyway, you can click the past issues as well and you can still buy them as well as just sample what they have to offer. Volume four has Tomoe Fumi, which I find very tempting. (But I haven’t checked the sample yet since I have to get ready for work blehhh.) Volume two has more Minazuki Akira and also Serihara Yuuki. And then volume one has more Serihara and then some Yoneda Kou.

Hopefully they’re still available on Renta using points. /;A;\

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4 responses to “iHertZ”

  1. Barbara (kokiden) says :

    Yeah. I purchased BBoy Cube once but was completely unable to open it up. Gr.

    • ふう子 says :

      that happened to me once before too. :< The first one I bought opened okay, but then the second one was all weird about all the different other programs I had running and kept refusing to open. Five dollars wasted. orz

  2. cheezy says :

    D; I can never get the site to work, I don’t know how to buy ihertz ;A; I need to read the Minazuki Akira manga in there D8!! /wrings ihertzt

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