today in BL manga

♔ → Kano Shiuko’s Punch, aside form getting a license announcement, will supposedly be continuing in the next issue of b-Boy Honey. If you are weird like me and have an obsession with Kouta, this is pretty exciting news. If you click here you can see a sample page of all the works that will be in the next issue.

♔ → Speaking of Libre, at Citron’s blog over the past few months they’ve started posting sample pages of all the stories that will be in each issue. The other day they posted Kumota Haruko’s, successfully making it look incredibly promising.

♔ → For those lucky enough to be either residing in Japan, or who will be vacationing there in January, Ike Reibun will be having a sign event for the second volume of her story Not Equal. As if the release for her second volume weren’t already something worth marking your calendar for.

♔ → Two of Aniya Yuiji’s BL works, Danshi Meiro and Kangoku 69, are getting a reprint! That’s very awesome, so congratulations to her! However, you know you’re a ridiculously cheesy fan when you want to buy a second copy just because it’s the reprint. Even though there won’t be any extras. orz;;;

♔ → Has anyone read the new chapter of Sora to Hara yet? Kijitora posted about it, saying it was a really good chapter! Uuuu so jealous—I want to read it. ;; But I’m debating with myself whether I want to buy the latest OPERA or if I want to just wait for the tankoubon to be released, since Kijitora also said the next chapter will supposedly be the last. Also, the last chapter is running in a volume where the theme is ‘gekokujou’…… as Kijitora said, it kind of raises questions of whether Hara-sen is top or bottom in this relationship.

♔ →If you go to the Comic Junet site, you can preview a page by Psyche Delico! She has a color page in this issue ughhh it’s enough to make me want to buy the book. Someday I’ll learn the art of being patient, I promise!

♔ → One a more personal note, I’ve been working my way through Ayatani Rikko’s Mitsumete, Motto. I’m kind of happy to find that I can actually understand way more than I was expecting to, even with the overwhelming blocks of Japanese that make up BL novels. Well… it helps that it’s really just a smut novel and ‘ah, ann… motto’ is pretty easy to understand even to a bigger. It’s cute, though: about a pretty and innocent exotic dancer named Kei who meets a man at his job named Ryousuke-san after giving him a lap dance and then Ryousuke-san pretty much turns Kei into a lascivious sex fiend. Best book I’ve ever read; I give it five stars.

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3 responses to “today in BL manga”

  1. kokiden says :

    Those Machiavellian editors over at Libre, switching Punch Up over to B-Boy Honey so we’ll have to buy that as well as Be-Boy Gold! I understand they switched Ikemen After by Kodaka Kazuma in the other direction. *sigh* It doesn’t matter, as I’m completely behind on my reading.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha they’re very crafty like that! Now everyone will have to buy BexBoy Gold for PBB and Honey for Punch!

      ….though unfortunately I can’t afford either of them. orz;;;

  2. angua says :

    Although I peep from time to time in this wonderful place I haven’t (ever) comment, but this was such great news I needed conformation – we can expect fifth volume?!
    Almost too good to be true!

    I’m very happy they will make paper copies; hopefully they’ll do all volumes. I intend to buy them… all :)

    Thank you very much for heads up! (this one and all previous one ;))

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