some quick release announcements.

okay so—! Actually the source I usually use for release announcements is currently on hiatus. orz;;; But digging around I was able to still find some upcoming releases to take note of!


  • Madarame Hiro (12/24) through Lynx
  • Shinomiya Shino (12/24) through Rutile
  • Hidaka Shouko “Hana wa Saku ka 3” (12/24) through Rutile
  • Sakura Sakuya (12/26) through Junet Pierce Series
  • Kanda Neko (12/28) through Karen
  • Taumi Mayu (12/29) through Dear+
  • Takarai Saki (12/??) through Chocolat


  • Ike Reibun “Not Equal” (01/10) through BBC

Books I’m really excited about. (Though I included some just because I thought others would want to know about them more so than myself.) While I’m definitely shaking with anticipation over finally being able to read Not Equal from start to finish, I think the one that really makes my night is Taumi Mayu’s new book. There was a point earlier this year where I went searching for work by her after noticing how long it had been since her last book was published, sincerely hoping she wasn’t another one of those mangaka who just falls away from the scene after releasing a book or two. I was initially relieved to see her publishing every once in a while in Dear+, but it’s really a great feeling to see her not only releasing in monthly publications but also compiling enough stories to release an actual comic. So awesome—I can’t wait for my reunion with her work.

Also that Sakura Sakuya release through Junet has admittedly caught my eye, I must say. I’m definitely a fan of Sakura Sakuya’s H scenes so the idea that she would release a full smut book is something I can get behind.

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2 responses to “some quick release announcements.”

  1. Michi says :

    hueeeeeee Σ(゜д゜;) m-m-madarame hiro will release a new work?!!!! will this be a oneshot?

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