Kojima Lalako novel illustrations “Mitsumete, Motto”

So I caved and got another novel illustrated by Kojima Lalako. I know, I know—I know what you’re thinking! “Ami, why do you own another novel even though you always complain about not being good enough with Japanese to read huge blocks of text?” Well. For one, it’s Kojima Lalako and I need something to fill the gaps in my addiction to her between when she’s publishing in Canna, HertZ and Lynx. Plus, have you seen the cover?

But anyway, I figured I would share a few of the illustration on here so maybe then I’d feel a little less guilty having something I can barely read. Sharing is caring, right? Obviously, warning for R-18 images—it’s evidently a fairly smutty novel.

Her color illustration. Evidently Kojima Lalako can’t draw anything I don’t absolutely love. Anyway, the first line in the novel is “doki doki suru” which is a pretty cute way to start. Hey, at least I can read a little of it!

ahhhhhh that face. Instant boner material.

Lots and lots of crossdressing and sex and really insanely cute characters.

Anyway, there are a few more illustrations but I figured I shouldn’t post all of them in case some of you less-inept Japanese readers want to pick up the novel and read it for yourselves. Everyone who’s read a BL novel knows the illustrations are like a fun surprise when you get to them, so it would be boring to already see them all before-hand.

Pathetically enough, I’ve gotta say… totally worth the money just for the illustrations. Then again, this book was purchased for me as a gift so maybe I shouldn’t say that. But I’d buy it, yes I would. Actually… now I’m kind of tempted to buy the other novels she illustrated. Crap.


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