BiQ & Baby

I have fallen a little bit in love with the latest cover of BiQ, drawn by Tsutomu. I don’t know exactly what it is that I love so much, but it’s just so cute. Possibly I’m just a sucker for Tsutomu’s art, idk. Pitifully, this is one of those times where I love the cover so much that I want to buy the book because of it. (see also: Gateau.) I feel like I’d learn about a lot of great new artists from buying it… orz;; Don’t be tempted, self!

Also something worth noting, supposedly Mochimeko is getting a release this month and I hadn’t even realized it? Though Baby Comics, seen here. The cover is quite cute, as expected of Mochimeko.

Though speaking of Baby Comics, I’m kind of disappointed because they have yet to announce a new volume of their Baby anthologies ever since June. Initially that book was supposed to be released mid-March, but was delayed until June because of the earthquake and tsunami. But now even though it has once again been more than three months (which is Baby’s regular release schedule) there hasn’t been an announcement of a new volume nor is there any information whatsoever on the site about it. ;; I hope they’re not discontinuing Baby. Even though I don’t buy it as regularly as I would have liked, it’s still a really great anthology that helped me find many new interesting mangaka. If would be terribly depressing if it went away.

also, reminder: please submit stuff to bl bookshelf!! You don’t need a tumblr account nor do you need a professional camera. All you need is at least one BL manga in any language and some sort of device on which to capture images, whether it’s a phone camera or a webcam or whatever else. I currently only have enough photos to queue four days worth of posts (THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUBMITTED SO FAR!! ♡) and I don’t want to have to just spam everyone with my boring books that everyone has seen a million times over. I’m much more interested in your books, not mine. orz


2 responses to “BiQ & Baby”

  1. waijuu says :

    Ohhh, so you don’t need a tumblr account? I may send a pic then even though I don’t have most of my collection with me.

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