a BL free talk.

Hi! Remember me? I’m that person who used to update this blog almost daily. Actually, I just recently got a new job so I haven’t really had much time to read manga at length or compile BL news, and I probably won’t for the next couples weeks while I get situated and used to having a fuller schedule. But I figured I would do a ‘free talk’ post, where I can just ramble about BL manga in a less-structured format for a while.

Actually, I have currently started five different books from the huge set I just got. I have a bad habit of doing that—slowly reading a bunch of books at once instead of just one at a time. Obviously this means I have less to talk about on a day-to-day basis. I started Kumonosuke’s Kimi ni Sosogu, which I really like so far. It’s about two college students, one of which is a complete scholar and the other who is… well… the type of student who thinks college is less about education and more about meeting people and partying. They’re total opposites, which is what draws playboy Ooshima to studious Andou in the first place. But there’s plenty of stuff ready to get in the way of their blooming romance, such as Andou’s beautiful bro-con younger sister, Andou’s horrible awkwardness when it comes to human interaction, and Ooshima’s bad reputation for never being serious about his relationships.

The other ones I’m reading are more ‘fluff’ or I haven’t read them far enough to get really involved yet. I read the first chapter of Hideyoshico’s Negative-kun to Positive-kun, and it’s very cute and light so far! I also read the first couple chapters of Aiba Kyouko’s debut comic, Kimi ni wa Ienai Ori no Nayami. Very cute and fluffy and easy to read since they’re all just short stories. Aside from that I’ve been making my way through the second volume of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Lucky Number 13 and Hayakawa Nojiko’s Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually finish one and be able to review it on here. orz;;;;

The cover for Ootsuki Miu’s Familiar was posted! It’s really cute—as expected of Ootsuki Miu. I’m both excited and not excited about this release, since I’ve read a majority of it already in the magazine. At least since it’s a limited edition it’ll probably be released with an extra booklet like Ouji Hiroimashita. Preferably an extra booklet that is just smut. (As you can see, I have priorities.) I really wish Ootsuki’s stories through other publishers would get released. I’ve been dying to read her stories through Asuka and Libre and Gush, and now she’s also publishing in Karen and Dear+. She’s such a hard mangaka to track unless you’re rich and pay insanely close attention to magazine and anthology releases.

Another cover that’s really exciting/cute is Miike Romuco’s Yuugure no Machi. Ahhh so excited to read that one—you really can’t go wrong with Miike Romuco. Also, Nimoda Ai’s Moe Goe will be released in December! I’m not even a fan of seiyuu culture and I thought it was really cute, so if you’re interested in stuff like voice acting then I recommend it. It’s about the relationship between a voice actor and the mangaka who created the BL story the actor will be performing, and the mangaka tries to ‘help’ the voice actor get more comfortable about his role by teaching him first-hand about gay sex. Nimoda Ai’s art is really really cute and I love the H scenes in that story.

One comic that I wish would be released but probably shouldn’t hold my breath for is Junko’s Kasa no Shita, Futari. The first chapter has been shared in Chinese only so I couldn’t even really read it (but still caved and downloaded it because, well, it’s Junko man there’s no way I could pass it up) and then I haven’t been able to find a single scanned chapter since. orz;; AHHH I REALLY CAN’T AFFORD ANOTHER MONTHLY MAGAZINE but Gush is just so tempting all the time because it has Junko. Junkooooo.

Anyway, I think that’s enough free talk for one night! Sorry I couldn’t make a more interesting, cohesive blog post! Hopefully I will finish one of the many books I’ve started soon and will be able to toss together a review, or maybe I’ll finally get started on that Spotlight post I’ve been meaning to do since forever, idk. Decisions! Sorry if I’m not able to post much over the next month, though. I’ll try my best!

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2 responses to “a BL free talk.”

  1. kanameyu says :

    I’m so excited for Familiar I can’t even… I want that special edition so much. I usually go for stuff like Dokyuusei, but with Ootsuki Miu it’s just like… Ahh! I can’t wait for the release. Yuugure no Machi looks really cute! This post is just full of excitements.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I’ve actually heard multiple people say that—that they usually prefer not to read smutty manga, but they just can’t resist Ootsuki Miu. Her art is really just too pretty to pass up! 8)

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