the horrible adventures of being a fujoshi

today was a pretty stressful day, but not in a way that’s stressful to most. Actually, I got up really early because I knew I had a package coming, and it’s been a long time since I last got new BL to read (wow I’m a loser) so I was super excited and couldn’t sleep. So I stayed up and played with the cats and read some Will Grayson, Will Grayson while waiting for the DHL guy.

But he missed our house, it would seem. I left a note for him to leave my package on the deck (because I am anti-social), but after he went by there was no package. And when I refreshed the delivery info, it said it was delivered… crap. I search all around outside my house but there was NOTHING. Horrified, I even went to see if they left it at the neighbors, but unfortunately our neighbors weren’t home and I didn’t want to snoop around their house too much while they weren’t around. So I called customer service and was dragged around a while. But ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL and I ended up getting my package–they did accidentally deliver it to the neighbors, but the neighbors didn’t open the package (THANK GODDDD) and I was able to pick it up safely.

the above book is the reason I almost cried in horror when I realized it might have been left with a neighbor. Because uh. For one, this is the color insert. If that weren’t bad enough, the art has kind of a shota-y feel to it. orz;;;; And I live in the district where Michele Bachmann is constantly re-elected, if that tells you anything. You may as well refer to this district is Minnesota’s own Bible Belt and I’m sure my neighbors are no exception.

And to think: usually I flat-out refuse to buy BL manga where the covers look even vaguely shota-ish because I’m always worried something like this will happen. It wasn’t until this time when I was like “well, nothing usually goes wrong so it should be okay to buy this book!” that something terrible like this happened. I guess I’ll not go back to being too terrified to buying and books that could be taken as shota on any level. orz

But they are in safe hands now and I am excited to read them dsg;ljsd;gd thank you, neighbors, for not accidentally opening my package and thus turning me in to the cops or something. sob.


24 responses to “the horrible adventures of being a fujoshi”

  1. kokiden says :

    Geez how terrifying!

  2. Abscondite says :

    Wow, you’re really, really lucky finding the package! Last couple of times I bought from AmazonJP the box was mangled and the tape failed and you could see inside the damn box. It was really embarrassing. >_>;;

    Is that Gateau 6… with Hideyoshiko art on the cover? Squinting, can’t tell DX Looks pretty tho, haha.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha it took three phonecalls with the support staff at DHL (which would usually terrify me because of my aversion to phones but I was adamant about finding my package… orz) but they were luckily able to track it down! And yeah, it really bothers me how sometimes my boxes show up all mangled. 8( I wish DHL (and FedEx before them) would be more responsible and gentle with their international shipments. I don’t get why they think it’s okay to deliver boxes all mauled and torn.

      It is! And yeah, that Hideyoshico’s art on the cover—very pretty! 8) You can actually see a full-sized scan of the cover here on Kijitora’s blog.

  3. AppleSweetRose says :

    *squeeing and fangirling about your collection*

    Oh my goooood, I am drooling at the sight of your pictures haha
    But wow, you were quite fortunate your neighbours didn’t open it.
    Definitely scary haha
    Hope it hasn’t scared you in not buying such anymore.
    Luck just wasn’t on your side that day haha

    I am so happy to have found your blog!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha yeah. I think my neighbors are great people and they definitely wouldn’t open someone else’s mail, but I was worried that they wouldn’t look at the address label to see who it was for before opening it. Because I’ve done that before. orz Opening someone else’s mail without meaning to just because I was too rushed to realize it wasn’t addressed to me.

      But luckily I was able to get it back, so I can’t feel like I was too unfortunate! I was able to get my manga to read, even in a very stressful round-about way. ;w;

      And thank you, I’m glad you like my blog!

      • AppleSweetRose says :

        Haha oh dear, it would be quite a disaster if it had happened that they accidentally opened the package.
        I am not too fuzzy with being found out about my interest myself, so I have no real fear of ordering this kind of stuff.
        All I wory about is getting them in one piece.

        And you’re welcome! The blog is a pleasure to read.

        • ふう子 says :

          I wouldn’t be afraid of telling people if they were people I knew, but I don’t really know my neighbors and also I live in a very religious part of the world so it would be a bit awkward. I don’t know how I would explain BL manga to probably-homophobic elderly people who have no idea what manga is, much less ever read it or understand the genres. orz

  4. Nelly says :

    I’ve been so afraid of incorrect deliveries, too! Last time I ordered from BK1, I got 愛玩ドール100%, and generally I’m the same way you are– no ordering anything that could be shota-y (or even covers that are too.. slutty, lol) but, no, I decided to get it for the cross-dressing. It took like a month and a half to reach me and the entire time I was paranoid that some thing like the box breaking, everyone seeing my dirty shota book, with would culminate in my arrest or something haha
    You came much closer than I did to discovery; what would (or should I say ‘could’?) you do if your neighbors found out?

    • ふう子 says :

      haha Aigan Doll is the other book that I first tested my “if things go wrong I am never going to buy this kind of book ever again” theory, but lucky that one got to me safe and sound! Though now I’m kind of paranoid about my Gojoe manga when it’s shipped, since it also has a fairly graphic cover depicting a young-ish looking guy. orz;;;; Hopefully they’ll be careful to drop my stuff at the correct address from now on.

      And I’m not sure what I would have done! That’s really a situation you can’t explain yourself out of, especially with people who you don’t even know very well. I guess I wouldn’t be able to do much more than sit back and let them judge me poor taste in reading material haha.

  5. Justin says :

    Sounds like you just dodged a bullet. Have you learned anything from this terrifying experience^^

  6. sheep says :

    oh my god this story scared me so much. i would flip out if this happened to me, i am so sorry! i just came home from a frustrating ‘adventure’ with UPS so i know how annoying these sorts of things can be. congrats on making it out ok!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha it was pretty scary, but an interesting learning experience. And luckily the DHL customer service was friendly and very helpful and seemed to actually care about reuniting me with my lost package. orz I don’t know what I would have done if customer service wasn’t all that interested in helping me track it down.

      I’m sorry you had to deal with a similar mishap! It’s bad enough when regular mail gets lost, but even worse when it’s a package! (Especially a package of pornographic comics!)

  7. Kery says :

    Once I had a package delivered to my friend while I was away, and she tells me that she got a notice saying “Retained at Post Office”.

    …. The last time I had a package retained was about 5 years ago. It took 3 months to get to me, and when I received it, it turns out that they had opened the DVD inside and screened it.

    You can imagine the heart attack I had when I thought the same thing would happen to my package! It had Aniya Yuiji’s “OreNeko” inside. Which, as you know, has a VERY VERY VERY questionable cover.

    But in the end it turns out that it was a delivery failure and they got it to her within a couple of days later…. after I had all the nightmares about getting arrested, of course.

    • ふう子 says :

      oh god, they watched your DVD?? That’s ridiculously horrifying. I don’t even know how I would react if that happened to me.

      the idea of the post office people finding OreNeko is terrible, especially considering all the weird stuff he does to his cat. orz;; But also, I hope you enjoyed it after you read it!

      It’s funny that the general feeling when you lose a package of BL seems to be “OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO JAIL”. It’s kind of ridiculous that we’d have to worry about something like that just for comic books lol.

      • Kery says :

        I used to run a doujinshi-buying business, and we had this customer from the Philippines who would always request us to split her package up into smaller ones of less than 1kg each because customs would open packages bigger than 1kg. And we’d have to ship them on separate days too, so they don’t all arrive at the same time. That was TERRIFYING. Everytime we handled her orders I’d pray she doesn’t get arrested.

        And yes, OreNeko was really cute xD I really liked the kitty as a (normal) kitty, I loved the heart-shaped patch on his bum! Wondering what to do with the notepad, though. It’s too cute to be used D:

        • ふう子 says :

          oh wow, that does sound kind of scary. D: It would be terrible to live in a place that constantly inspected your mail. And here I thought it was bad that just one or two of my packages have been checked.

          I’m glad you liked it! And I agree, Nyarou was really cute. *w* I don’t know what to do with the notepad either haha I just stashed it away with my other BL items that I don’t want to get damaged.

  8. はち says :

    adgdjshfgfj thankfully you got it back safely!! ;;
    I once had a similar experience early this month but mine was just stupid.
    I was having difficulties in dealing with the custom fees for my orders if DHL mails it to me directly to my country so I thought of just mailing it to my aunt in the US then she can just mail it to me.
    But the thought of *mailing it to my aunt* didn’t register in my head properly; when I FINALLY realized it after a couple of minutes I went hysterical and prayed afterwards thanking God for making me realize what I was doing. ;;

    I swear if I ended up mailing it to her the worst case scenario is that they might disown me… or throw me into a rehab… for BL abuse…? Hahahaha

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