Aniya Yuiji “Me wo Hiraitemo” & “OreNeko”

Sorry for my long absence! I’d been adding to a “snippets” post for a long time but for some reason have been too lazy to edit and post it. orz;; Sorry for being the worst blogger ever.

Anyway, Aniya Yuiji’s C80 doujinshi arrived in my mailbox today! They arrived only two hours or so ago and I’ve already read them both multiple times. It’s just a little ridiculous. I absolutely adore them. More than adore, actually. And I think Wagahai shares the sentiment.

Warning for R-18 content since both of these book are what many would call “PWP”. Though I will change that to “porn with plot” because this is Aniya Yuiji.

First I’ll talk about Me wo Hiraitemo, 3 Senchi! Since that’s the first one I read, and it won’t require much explanation since it’s based on already-existing characters. Aaaaaanyway, Me wo Hiraitemo follows Manabu and Hiroto from Me wo Tojite 3byou of course, and it’s based on their relationship a while after they got together. Supposedly they are a fairly love-love couple, and they kiss plenty. And sometimes they do frottage. But… well… they haven’t taken that final step of being connected through actual penetration. Both of them are equally frustrated by this, but they don’t know how to discuss it so they both stay silent.

Finally, one night Mana builds up all his courage to take Hiroto’s hand and lead them to the path of sexual completion. But when he’s just centimeters from grabbing Hiroto, Hiroto sudden says he’s fed up and starts shouting at Manabu. About how he feels like he’s the only one in the relationship who cares about their actual romance, and about how he feels like he’s the only one in love. He yells at Mana for a while before Mana grabs his hand and drags him to the kitchen of all places.

In the kitchen Mana leans Hiroto over the sink and presses his own erection up against Hiroto’s ass, whispering sensually in his ear “you’re the only one, huh…?” From there, still rubbing against Hiroto’s backside, Manabu grabs the olive oil, pulls down Hiroto’s pants, and gets to work.

What’s so interesting about the way Aniya handles their first time having sex (both with each other and in general, it would seem) is she shows both their dialogue and their thoughts. While they’re saying stuff that could be taken as your regular sex talk, you see Hiroto both enjoying Manabu’s ministrations but also being terrified of taking that final step. But as Mana talks him through it he becomes less and less scared and his thoughts turn from being about that to being about Manabu’s erotic expressions, Manabu’s pleasure.

In the end, though, poor Manabu is distraught. Not only did he not have the good enough sense to pull out of Hiroto before cumming, but he also forgot to kiss Hiroto and whisper sweet nothings to him the whole time. Instead he wasted their first love-making session demanding Hiroto apologize for saying Manabu didn’t care about him, and fucking him hard. Oops. But luckily Hiroto isn’t angry and instead proposes they go for round two—this time with Mana on bottom.

Granted I’m biased, but I loooooooved this story. When IO first picked it up, as well as when I was reading it and when I finished, I just wanted to jump around the room shrieking like a 12-year-old who just got an autograph from their favorite celebrity. Ahhh Aniya Yuiji what have you done to me. ;; Anything with these two just makes me feel so many feelings I can’t help it! I’m sincerely hoping Aniya will write a second volume (though she’s usually not the type to do fanservice volumes—though then again, she did release this one I’m reviewing right now…….) because I would love to see Manabu bottom.

Anyway, onto the second part of her C80 doujinshi–Ore no Neko ga Konna ni Eroi wake ga nai! The way the notepad/book set-up works is really cute and creative.

They are two separate items but if you flip the notepad and put them together they’re the same size as a regular doujinshi. The notepad is really cute, too. I know I’ll never ever use it but it’s such nice quality and really adorable—much better than I was expecting to be honest.

The pages have small-ruled graphing-type lines, which is my favorite! *w*)/ Each page has an illustration that alternates between the four separate images pictured about. Definitely not a safe-for-work notepad unless you work at a porn shop or a BL publisher…

Sorry, Hoodie break. She also thoroughly enjoyed the story while sitting on my lap. Must be a cat thing…

This plot is a little on the odd side I suppose but I just love it. Sadly as far as I can recall they don’t say the main character’s name at all, so I guess I’ll refer to him as OC. Anyway, this is the story of OC, the suspicious-looking cat he picks up, and his attractive male classmate Kodou Tarou. The cat looks quite un-cat-like—in fact, he looks unusually similar to Tarou. So OC names him ‘Nyarou’. Nyarou is a weird cat, though. Even though it could just be innocent cat behavior, OC isn’t sure Nyarou should really be sucking his nipples. (Then again, OC is equally weird considering I don’t know many cat owners that sit and jiggle their cats’ balls…..)

Because of his new-found relationships with Nyarou, OC finds himself getting closer and closer to Tarou (whom OC has nicknamed Gohonzon-sama). And the closer he gets to Tarou, the more he notices the similarities between him and Nyarou. Such as the mole on the left of his chin, his hair style… OC can’t just be imagining it. He tries to introduce himself to Tarou, but Tarou’s response is simply “I already know your name. I’ve known it for a long time.”

All the while, OC’s home life is getting weirder and weirder. While OC is watching porn Nyarou suddenly sucks him off, which is definitely not something a cat would do—?! And after sucking him off, Nyarou suddenly turns human-size and his face is like an exact match with Tarou’s. Too exact. Could this possibly be what Tarou’s cum-covered face would look like…? Before he knows it, OC is having sex with Nyarou all the way and is becoming more and more confused—it is Nyarou who he’s falling in love with, or is it actually Tarou?

It’s impossible to ignore the signs, though. He desperately awaits text messages and phone calls from Tarou, and when they go on a double date together (with OC’s girlfriend and one of her friends) to see a horror movie OC isn’t interested in the pretty girl clinging to his left arm but instead holds Tarou’s hand through the entire movie (as Tarou is also evidently terrified by horror films). Tarou messages him asking about if he had sex with his girlfriend that night, to which he responds (after editing his message a million times) “nothing happened with her”. He admits to Tarou that he has a ‘sex friend’ (though he doesn’t admit it’s a cat), and admits that nothing relationship-worthy will come of it. Somehow, when Tarou hears that he seems relieved… Finally to his breaking point with the emotional-romantic-sexual frustration between himself and Tarou, OC goes home and screws Nyarou.

But when he wakes up the next morning, Nyarou is gone…

After that his life takes a turn for the worse. Because he doesn’t reply to her texts, his girlfriend leaves him. He loses his will to go to school or come home afterward, since Nyarou isn’t there. Finally at one point Tarou asks when he’s going home, and OC pauses before inviting Tarou to his apartment. Once he’s there, Tarou sitting in OC’s living room is the spitting image of Nyarou and OC starts crying and when Tarou asks what’s wrong OC admits he wants to kiss Tarou. But before he can even start thinking how stupid it was to admit such a thing to Tarou, he feels Tarou’s lips against his.

Kissing moves to touching and then love-making. At first OC is worried that he wants to use Tarou as a substitute for Nyarou, but then he comes to realize he wants Tarou. He wants to have sex with Tarou. The whole time, he’s always wanted to have sex with Tarou. But while they’re making love, Tarou lets something slip—he knows about Nyarou. In fact, he was Nyarou.

It’s admittedly not really explained super in-depth how Tarou came to be Nyarou (perhaps it was a favor from God), but after their night together Tarou blushes adorably and admits that he has actually been in love with OC for a long time and so he was happy that OC was able to come to love Nyarou as it meant he had a chance. And suddenly OC recalls when he tried to introduce himself to Tarou for the first time, and Tarou replied that he already knew who OC was—he’d always known. OC searches Tarou’s body for all the moles he knows are there, and they make love again as Tarou smiles up up OC and asks “do you love me?” The answer is obvious.

Anyway, I really really really loved this story. orz;;;; I know I’ve said that a lot but ahhhh I’m blanking on how I can best describe how it felt for these books to arrive in the mail and for me to read them and sdg;ljs;gsdgsdfs I know I say it over and over but I just adore Aniya Yuiji’s work—it’s just brilliant and her art is amazing and I am so happy that she creates manga and I am allowed to read them. So to get a continuation of one of my favorite BL titles ever, as well as an amazing full story that’s packed with really great emotions (and awesome sex scenes) just feels so good.

Also, I have admittedly fallen for Tarou as well ahhhhh. His blushing face and coquettish, teasing personality were both so charming df;jlfhdf

I love these books and I am so glad I was able to read them. ;; Aniya Yuiji, thank you so much for sharing your talent with me once again!


6 responses to “Aniya Yuiji “Me wo Hiraitemo” & “OreNeko””

  1. sansan says :

    screaaaaaaam Aniya Yuiji!
    My goodness, why are those blushing faces of Tarou’s so beautiful. ;u; Thank you for the review and all of the lovely photos, I love seeing Aniya Yuiji’s work!

  2. nell says :

    Your love of Aniya is so endearing! hahaha is it possible to squee over someone else’s squeeing?

    “OC is equally weird considering I don’t know many cat owners that sit and jiggle their cats’ balls…..” hahaha my friend actually used to do that. Until then, I didn’t even know people still let their animals go un-neutered.(lol, this same girl also informed me that through accident she learned cat-butt tastes bad…)

    ANWAY, thanks for the post! Tarou is so cute, and that last picture with the chin-lick is gorgeous <333

    • ふう子 says :

      it might be possible, I don’t know. orz;;

      haha your friend is admittedly a bit odd! I bet it would be an interesting to learn exactly how she learned about the taste of cat!butts.

      Thank you for reading my post. 8)

  3. jing says :

    the picture of Nyarou is very cute. the story very interesting too. I can’t read Japanese so I feel very greatful for your summaries and scan.

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