Nakamura Asumiko “Doukyuusei” Fanbook

It arrived!! * w *)/ My Nakamura Asumiko Doukyuusei fanbook! It’s very pretty—admittedly thinner than I was expecting but it’s also in hardcover and very high-quality.

Obviously I’m not going to share the entire book (you’ll have to buy it for that—no excuses!!) but I figured I would talk about some of my favorite parts.

It comes with stickers! I already heard from all the bloggers I follow, but I didn’t really know what the stickers would look like until they arrived. Very cute! ;A;) Except I’ll never actually play around with them since I wouldn’t want to damage them sobbb.

These are the first two intro pages of the book. While I would have loved more different illustrations, one thing I really like about how this book was handled is that they space out of illustrations really well and let them speak for themselves. So often in an illustration or art book it’s just page after page after page of pictures without any extra space, which makes it easy to skip or ignore certain images without realizing it. But the way this book is set up gives you room to fully enjoy every single illustration.

Goooooorgeous. ;; It’s so hard to say which is more beautiful—Nakamura’s colored illustrations or just her black & white linework.

Some of my favorites for her color illustration. There are a million more and they’re all beautiful but like I said, I didn’t want to take pictures of everything. orz

Sajou and Kusakabe’s growth charts. Ahhh such cute children! ;; Also Sajou is so cute in a gakuran.

There’s a lot on Nakamura Asumiko’s art process. I’m sure you’ve all seen the videos of Nakamura’s digital coloring technique, but this also includes her off-computer watercoloring as well as her process for paneling her comics. It’s kind of crazy to see her create such delicate lines.

There are also parts of the book that just talk about stuff Nakamura likes, such as books and decor, etc.

A short, cute all-color comic about them sleeping side-by-side until Sajou wakes up and admires Kusakabe.

Sajou and Kusakabe’s sticker adventure!

Then there’s an entire section on merchandise haha. Most of it is just the free c/w stuff through OPERA.

After that is a short comic about Kusakabe and Sajou’s first meeting through Sajou’s POV. Evidently he had already taken notice of Kusakabe just because of his fluffy, fluffy hair. Which supposedly reminds him of a lot of fluffy, cute animals.

Then at the end is one last short comic, this time about them spending time together drinking warm drinks. (Sajou is a badass who likes his coffee black, and Kusakabe admires that about him while sipping on something sweet.)

and then finally, Nakamura Asumiko’s thanks and commentary along with a very pretty illustration.

Like I touched on before, I was kind of hoping for some new illustrations but that disappointment is my own fault for assuming the book would be bigger. Though I am still sincerely disappointed that there is only one picture of Sorano—the one of his bookmark. orz But there is almost no Hara-sen to speak of either, and he actually is a character from Doukyuusei, so I shouldn’t whine too much. Maybe at some point later, if Sora to Hara (doubtfully) ever gets as popular as Doukyuusei/Sotsugyousei, that couple will be showcased in a book as well!

While a lot of people are probably hoping this is kind of like a full Nakamura Asumiko artbook of sorts, it’s definitely exactly what it says—a fanbook for the Doukyuusei series. So don’t get your hopes up for any non-related information or artwork. However, as a fanbook of the series it’s very beautiful and does its job. I know I am definitely going to spend my day rereading all three books from the series.


19 responses to “Nakamura Asumiko “Doukyuusei” Fanbook”

  1. Barbara (kokiden) says :

    Thanks for sharing! You’re inspiring me to read this one. Can you share a link for purchasing the fanbook for those of us who are Internet klutzes? <3

    • ふう子 says :

      it’s a really cute series–highly recommended. 8)
      and sure, here are some places you can buy it!
      on Amazon
      on BK1
      on YesAsia
      on HMV
      on Kinokuniya
      on Rakuten
      on Junkudo

      • Chibi says :

        Which do you think would the best site to order it? *clueless about buying on internet* xD

        Thank so much for sharing the scans! You convinced me to buy it :’)

        • ふう子 says :

          I’m glad you decided to buy it. 8)

          As for which website would be best to buy off of, I’m sure they’re all pretty good. However, I honestly would not recommend buying it off if you only plan on getting the one book, since their shipping is ridiculous on anything other than bulk orders. However, if you don’t mind paying a lot, does at least ship insanely fast and you’ll have the book in your hands just a few days after ordering it.

          If you don’t know Japanese then I think yesasia would be a good way to go–the price might look high but that’s about how much it would cost after currency conversion and shipping to the US, and shipping from yesasia is free since it’s an order over $39. HMV would probably also be good. BK1 is kind of hard to order from, especially for new online buyers, but that’s the only other store I’ve purchased from before.

          Anyway, if you have any more questions about ordering online feel free to ask!

  2. Barbara (kokiden) says :

    PS I have the bookmarks from the merchandise! I happened to buy that volume of OPERA! Only my parrot ate one of them. As soon as I took them out of the book she was agitated! She wanted one of those pretty thingies so badly, so I had to share :)

  3. cheezy says :

    O0O! It’s thin?! Nuh! I… shouldn’t cancel my order. It’s too pretty to not own one! Thanks for the lovely review, I can’t wait for my copy to arrive as well~ *pats SAL*

    • ふう子 says :

      HMMMM I guess I shouldn’t say it’s thin necessarily—just thinner than I was expecting, since the last artbook I bought was Kazuaki’s and that one is just beyond monstrous haha. But this book is still fairly large; it has around 130 pages and is probably about 3/4 of an inch thick. I definitely think it’s worth the price I paid, if that says anything.

  4. Cozza says :

    so gorgeous ;w; her artwork is always so clean and elegant, coloured or not!
    thank you for sharing, ami! ♥

  5. Dor says :

    Oh haha I’m really looking forward to getting my copy. I was really hoping there’d be lots of Sorano. Oh well then. Aaah her artwork is so ridiculously gorgeous. Omgomg littel Sajou & Kusakabe so precious I’m gunna dieee. U w U

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I was hoping for Sorano as well, since he’s my favorite characters from the entire Doukyuusei/Sotsugyousei/Sora to Hara series. ;; But I suppose he comes from a different time period than most of Sajou and Kusakabe’s story so they probably figured it would be weird to include him as well.

      I hope you like your book when it arrives!

  6. Midnightveil says :

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!

  7. yaone says :

    *nosebleeds* can’t wait until mine arrives!!

  8. Kyôshi says :

    I thought I wouldn’t be able to get this because this month I’ll need to pay a lot of things, but I found it in Hobby Search and since sometimes I buy figures there I have points, yaay points! At the end I paid almost just shipping <3

  9. pensierodipiuma says :

    Thanks for sharing, this book looks amazing!

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