Itoshi no Nekokke 15

I just wanted to post about it on here since I thought this chapter was super cute. I’m still admittedly a little crushed that there aren’t two chapters like usual (but hey, at least Kumota got a break kind of and the drama CD report was more about the process than about the seiyuu—but I’ll talk about the drama CD later on) but this chapter made it worth it. I love it. I gets two chapters worth of my adoration.

Anyway, in this chapter Kei-chan’s sister Nacchan and her son Yuuto come to visit after hearing from her mother about Kei-chan and Mii-kun’s relationship.

It’s a pretty simple and short chapter. Initially Nacchan seems to have come over just to visit, bringing her son Yuuto. Mii seems to get an inappropriate crush on Yuuto, as Yuuto looks pretty much exactly like a small replica of Kei-chan. Yuuto is a bit terrified by the flamboyant crowd of Kei and Mii’s housemates, but he finds a comrade in Kenta and they quickly become friends. Meanwhile, Kei’s sister admits while talking to everyone that she actually knows about the relationship between Kei and Mii (evidently Kei was outed by his mother, who was the only person he told) and came to check up on them. It’s a cute chapter because it includes all the housemates giving (perhaps somewhat facetious) tidbits on Kei and Mii’s ~ichaicha~ homelife. Evidently they’ve been getting even more touchy-feely than Kumota Haruko herself has been letting on in these past few chapters!

Eventually Kei and Mii leave Nacchan to gossip with the housemates and bring Kenta and Yucchi to the park. There, they talk about their relationship and the fact that Kei actually told his mother about their relationship. Thus, she blabbed to his sister and likely also his father so his entire family probably knows—which shocks Mii-kun, as Kei has never spoken about the subject nor has he seemed to have reciewed any hostility from his family. Sadly, it would seem that Mii has yet to tell him family—though I’m not sure if he just hasn’t told them about dating Kei, or about being homosexual at all.

In the end, Mii and Kei see Nacchan off. Before leaving, though, she wishes Mii and Kei the best in their relationship, and also notifies them they Kei’s mother has given her consent and congratulations. A very sweet moment. However, Kenta and Yucchi aren’t quite so keen on parting and Kenta ends up declaring his love for Yucchi and kissing him right on the mouth. This, sadly, is not a gay relationship Nacchan is quite so accepting of…

Anyway, another really sweet chapter from Kumota Haruko!! Ahhhh I don’t think there’s anything she could do to make me stop loving this story. ;; It’s just so perfect.

Anyway, regarding the drama CD, I still haven’t finished it but I (surprisingly) recommend it! It took me a while to get used to whoever they picked to voice Kei and Mii but the rest of the cast is done incredibly well, and it’s charmingly silly which matches well with the tone of the actual manga. Also there isn’t too much terrible background music… However, I haven’t gotten to the sex scenes yet so I might change my mind when I listen to them haha. orz The sex scenes are always so second-hand embarrassing to me.


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