Cab volume 15

wahhh it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, it feels like. Sorry about that! Anywhere, here is the fifteenth volume of Cab! This was a pretty fun issue, if I do say so myself.

warning for R-18 content!

First is a color insert by Uyama Gihou! Actually, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen something from Uyama—she was actually also in the Bitter & Sweet anthologies! But this is my first time seeing her colored illustration. So beautiful! *w*

First story is Hideyoshico! Ahhhh I’m so glad she did a continuation of these two. ;; For those who’ve read her Ringo ni Hachimitsu tankoubon, these are the characters from the first story! I really like stories like this, tbh—with a more confident person taking the hand of someone who is unsure and leading them through what it’s like to be in love.

Also, this had probably the most graphic sex scene I’ve ever seen illustrated by Hideyoshico! It caught me off guard haha.

ahhh new chapter of Castle Mango. orz Because of the fire in Castle Mango, Yorozu goes around town looking for a job and ends up getting cast as an ‘extra’ in a porno. However, the director seems to have impure intentions toward Yorozu… Luckily Togame comes to his rescue, but the chapter ends with Yorozu telling Togame to go die. orz;;;;;;;;  So no reconciling in this chapter! Though I did like the scene where the guy was feeling up Yorozu and he thought “this is different from when Togame-san does it…!” Meaning he enjoys it with Togame, but it’s no good with anyone else.

Komeri’s story is simple and cute, about two teachers who start working at the same school and then fall in love. With plenty of nice fanservice.

ahhhh Shimaji’s story!! I’m really enjoying it, because it’s pretty much a story of schoolboys and sexual/romantic tension. Which is my favorite type of story. In this chapter they finally started taking their relationship to the next level, and next time they’ll supposedly be meeting up outside of school. *w* Ahhh since it’s likely the last chapter, I hope they’ll go all the way!

and then, a new chapter by Mita Ori. I loved her last story so much, so I was waiting less-than-patiently for something new by her. While I didn’t love this story as much as her debut work, it was still really enjoyable. About a boy who falls in love with a painting and then goes on to also fall for the tragic upperclassman who created it.

as for Kevin Komine’s latest chapter, I don’t… remember what happened last time. orz;; So I didn’t read it very closely. Ahhh I guess I have to dig Cab 14 back out and reread it. I have to say, though, that I really like the character designs and atmosphere in this story.

Sumomo’s story. I’m not sure how well I understood it tbh–it seemed to be about a young man who has given up on starting new relationships because they always just end anyway. That is, until a boy he used to know suddenly comes back into his life. Sumomo’s art is really just so pretty—usually I’m not into sharper angles but for some reason I’ve really fallen for the way she illustrates bodies. Especially lounging postures.

Kimura Hidesato! Along with Mita Ori I was really looking forward to more by her! This story was silly and cute (a similar atmosphere to her last one)—a young salaryman goes to the company dorm apartments to mess around with his boyfriend, only for his boyfriend to stick a rotor in his bum and then shove him out to do a convenience store run. And then as if having a sex toy shoved in him while he’s in public weren’t bad enough, he gets stuck in the elevator with another coworker who suddenly confesses his love to him. Well, maybe they can have a threesome…

Koshino with her continuation of Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun! tbh I didn’t read the first chapter very closely before since for some reason I do much better reading Koshino’s stories when I have the entire story in complete, compiled context. But hey, I’m always a fan of boys in skirts.

And that’s it for this issue! As for the next issue…

…now that you mention it, Tateno Tooko was supposed to be in this issue wasn’t she? Anyway, I’m sad to see no Mita Ori and Kimura Hidesato again, but at least all of Cab’s big hitters are still sticking around! Also, I’m happy to hear Mae Ushiro is coming back! And thank goodness, of course, that Shimaji isn’t taking a break. I would cry if I had to wait five months for the next chapter. orz I wonder who will have the cover next time?

Anyway, look forward to it!

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4 responses to “Cab volume 15”

  1. Snakey says :

    I found myself just staring at Mita Ori’s panels for the longest time….. The empty space she has in the previews that you posted…… It’s so beautiful!! (I also noticed though that we only see the back of the black haired boy’s head. Is the entire story done like that?)

    Completely caught off guard by your description of Kimura Hidesato’s story though ♥ Sounds like a lot of fun and amusement!

    I probably don’t say this enough, but a huge thank you to you Ami, for always sharing your thoughts on stories with us all! It’s really wonderful to see your dedication to this genre. :)

    • ふう子 says :

      ahhhh I somehow feel like I’m discrediting her haha but no, you get to see senpai’s face through the story! It was just a really weird coincidence that the panels I photographed all showed his back. Actually, my favorite panel in the story is this one of his face:

      the Kimura Hidesato story was really charming! I’m excited to see her next project, because the two I’ve seen so far have been a hit.

      and thank you, that’s very kind of you to say!!

  2. juvari says :

    i -love- your blog, ふう子オオオ

    let me just say that i feel like finding you through tumblr was ~*~meant to be~*~
    i admire you so muchhh. your dedication to this subject has really …opened my eyes. i’ve always loved bl, but you love it in a thorough-er/cooler(?) way. and you are so eloquent about it and your opinions and everything! /waa-h

    正直に言うと、アミさんのブログのおかげお母さんに”こうゆう本を読んでます”って言える勇気くれました。お母さんは面白い顔をしながら話しを聞いてくれました。 恥ずかしいですね。でも胸を張って”腐女子”って言えて嬉しかったです! (woo, terrible japanese)

    it’s like a load off my chest, since i hadn’t planned on ever saying anything haha. and i ordered some bl books last sunday and my passion to study japanese has been renewed. thanks, ami!

    • ふう子 says :

      hahaha awwww I had kind of a crappy day so I was really touched by this comment. Thank you! tbh 99% of the time I feel like the biggest loser in the world with my dedication and passion for BL manga so it’s a bit shocking whenever I see people who admire me for it.

      and that was really brave of you to tell your mom haha. I haven’t ever told my parents straight-out about my BL collection (at least not in a way where I was like “here look at this book” or described it as anything other than ‘gay romance comics’) so you’ve been much more forward than me.

      I hope you enjoy your books when they arrive! Thank you very much for your kind comment!

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