First off, thank you to everyone who commented on my Hoshino Lily post!! ; w;)/ I’ve been telling myself I should reply to everyone before I post again, but I think if I reply I’ll pretty much just reiterate either what I say in my post or what you’re all saying in your comments so I think I’ll just leave them and let them speak for themselves. Originally I wasn’t going to post that since I’m always kind of nervous sharing an opinion piece on this blog (especially when I’m technically disagreeing with a majority of fandom—or at least, a majority of the most vocal side of fandom) but you all made me really glad I posted it after all. So thank you!

Anyway, as for what I really wanted to post about: Chidori Peko’s debut tankoubon cover!

I can’t believe drap originally announced this book in May! At the time it felt so far off—so distant in the future that it was never going to happen. But now here it is, with the cover posted and ready to be released in just a few short weeks. I personally really love the cover—I like this kind of body positioning a lot, and the coloring is beautiful as usual, and the characters are perfectly portrayed. I’m so excited for this book to finally arrive!


5 responses to “Chidori”

  1. Barbara (kokiden) says :

    Yes…a guy sitting on another guy’s lap =H.O.T. LOL

  2. Al says :

    Is this a bleach doujinshi?

  3. khursten says :

    Based on her cover… I’m excited that this doesn’t look like a Reborn doujin. :3 (but previous comment has a bit of a point that it does have a tinge of a bleach design)

    As a doujinshika, I love Chidori Peco. So this will be something exciting. :3

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