one magazine, three anthologies

Citron ♔ →

Even though the actual anthology doesn’t come out for a couple more days, the Citron website has already been updated with the cover and lineup of their latest book! As always, a very enticing collection of mangaka. I had forgotten that Psyche Delico would be in this volume! Also, I’m pretty excited about the last chapter of Kitabeppu Nica’s dramatic Ichiban Suki na Hito uwaaa I wonder who he’ll choose? Kind of depressing for people like me who have no interest in seiyuu, though, instead of having two chapters like usual Itoshi no Nekokke will have one chapter and then a ‘drama cd report’. orz;;;;;;;; I don’t care about a bunch of middle-aged dudes—I’d much rather have more Mii-kun and Kei-chan!

Somewhat surprising, however, is the lineup information for the next anthology: Jaryuu Dokuro has the next cover.

Frankly, considering it’s been eight issues since she last released a chapter of Coyote, I was kind of… thinking… she dropped it. orz Sorry Jaryuu—I guess I am someone of little faith! But it’s really awesome that she gets the cover again; originally when she had the cover of volume two, that was before they started including the interviews and information about the mangaka so I was thinking I just barely missed out on a lot of interesting stats on one of my favorites. I wonder if they’ll ask her about her favorite food haha. But really, most interesting in those interviews is always when they ask them about their influences and inspirations.

Daria ♔ →

No Ootsuki Miu this time, so it looks like my hopes for a tankoubon by her through them are still pretty far off. Still, they have a really great lineup this time around that includes both Kumonosuke and Achi Harufumi!! So awesome for them to now be releasing stories outside the companies they originally debuted with. *w* Here’s to hoping their careers really take off! I admittedly hate how tempted I am to buy this issue for Kumonosuke. orz;;


The cover for the latest issue was posted, and it’s pretty beautiful.

Ahhhh Kusama Sakae!! ;A;/ So excited for her tankoubon release next month! Anyway, I was totally originally planning on not buying this issue (though it was hard, since Aniya is in this issue again finally) but I have since been convinced to toss it in my cart. As if the calling of a new chapter of Mic & Neo wasn’t enough, this is yet enother book that has such an awesome lineup sobbb. orz Plus I’m just too curious about the Sotsugyousei special that’s supposedly in this issue.

Speaking of Sotsugyousei… I don’t know what to think about the cover of Nakamura Asumiko’s artbook. It’s pretty, but there’s just something about it I don’t like. Oh well—it’s not the cover of the book that matters, and I’m sure I’ll love all the inside illustrations when it arrives!

onBLUE ♔ →

And last but not least, onBLUE’s website has been updated. I already posted about onBLUE’s lineup and such but I was still excitedly waiting for their website update so I could know who will be in the next volume. For those who don’t know, onBLUE is an anthology that always includes these insanely long and interesting interviews for the mangaka who has the cover spot, so it’s pretty exciting to see who’ll take the next cover. Actually, this next one is none other than Yamashita Tomoko!! I’m pretty stoked. There will be an talk between Yamashita and Hideyoshico.

Also, as for the upcoming lineup, Ishino Aya will be making her debut appearance in onBLUE! Then of course there will be more Yamanaka Hiko, Kumota Haruko, Hideyoshico, Yanagisawa Yukio, Shinomiya Shino, Koiwazurai Shibito, etc. etc. The list of amazingly talented mangaka goes on!

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3 responses to “one magazine, three anthologies”

  1. Kery says :

    Oh, I see that Ichikawa Kei is in the lineup for Citron vol.10. Have you read any of her earlier chapters? How’s her manga? Her doujinshi are reeeeeally good.

  2. missIfa (@random_ifa) says :

    -GASP- THE COVER FOR NAKAMURA ASUMIKO’S ARTBOOK IS OUT??!! O__O link plz!!!! and would you mind telling me where i could pre order this book? would appreciate it!! thank you!!!

    your blog is so friggin ossum (ノ ´ヮ` )ノ *:・゚✧

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