Canna 18 & Ootsuki Miu

As always, with the new release of Canna comes an update of the anthology page of the website! And with the update of the website comes some depressing news and also some exciting news.

First, the exciting news:

Ootsuki Miu has the upcoming cover! \*A*/ Finally, an end to that terrible cliffhanger in Loser! For the past three or four volumes of Canna I’ve been hoping and hoping for Ootsuki to continue her story and been disappointed every time—but not this time! Also, there’s more Achi Harufumi and Hanamori Mito and Manako! Now if only they’d bring Kojima Lalako back again with another longer story.

However, disappointing news: this month’s volume has the final chapter of Junketsu Drop! ;; Nooooo! I’m honestly having a hard time imagining how they could possibly wrap up the story in this issue—as far as I can recall Misato and Kasukabe weren’t even close to finally coming to terms with their feelings for each other. sob I don’t want to see this manga end! Maybe if we’re super lucky there will be a continuation? Or… something?? ;A;

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3 responses to “Canna 18 & Ootsuki Miu”

  1. Kery says :

    Okay, now I'm excited!

  2. Tsetsua says :

    Ah, how you founded this beauty manga’s ;__;

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