Mousou Hello Work

I thought I would actually post about something that isn’t BL release covers for once haha. Mousou Hello Work was actually released late last December but at the time I wasn’t sure exactly what it was so even though Ogura Muku was in it I figured I’d just leave it in my backlog wishlist. However, a month or two later I happened to come across the website for the book while looking up a mangaka and I decided then that I had to have it. Mousou Hello Work is a black and white illustration book on the theme of “jobs”. If you don’t know what Hello Work is, you can read more about it here on Wikipedia.

It’s set up similar to Moe Danshi Gatari. It’s not a BL artbook, necessarily—it only has quite a few BL mangaka as guest illustrators. In the book they do a full-body illustration of their job of choice with an explanation of the outfit, and then on the opposite page they also illustrate a mini comic with explanations of the job and why they picked it. It’s not as fancy and beautiful as Moe Danshi Gatari but it’s still a really fun, cute book and it’s packed with great artists.

First, Kazuaki’s full color illustration for the book. It includes an army personnel, a bartender and a salaryman.

Speaking of salarymen, actually, not shockingly in a book full of BL mangaka the first illustration happens to be the much-loved BL archetype. By Hakutou Noriko.

Sugihara Chako’s worker of choice is a pâtissier.

Probably my favorite in the whole book, Ogura Muku’s is a ‘hotel man’. I’m not really sure what she means by that–the manager or the bellhop or the owner? Or perhaps an all-purpose man who does all of the above?

Yamada Shiro, on the other hand, is a fan of fashion models.

It’s all about the studious and hard-working secretary for Joukou Shiyu.

As someone who is quite partial to photography, I really like Fujiwara Ryou’s adorable cameraman illustrations. I had actually never heard of her before but I find her art very pretty.

Yamada Maya’s is ‘dragqueen’ haha. Very cute illustration, and a choice very befitting Yamada Maya.

Haji Fuchiko!! Her worker of choice is a public health doctor.

For Tsutomu (and many others haha) it’s all about the voice actor.

Followed closely, of course, by a job I personally adore and respect: the mangaka. By Orishima Kei, another mangaka I had previously never heard of.

Yet another artist who is new to me: Haluori. Male daycare providers are always adorable, only made cuter by her fluffy art style.

Shiina Ayumi shows her appreciation for doujinshi event staff.

Hideyoshico’s (Hide Yoshico? Hideyoshiko?) choice is a surgeon. You’ve definitely got to respect someone who can do that job while looking ravishing.

Hiiragi Nozomu’s ode to the detective. Looking mighty scruffy.

Unsurprisingly, Kijima Hyougo’s illustration is for a very testosterone-infused job: the boxer. I love her cutesy muscle men.

Yamada 2choume decided to illustrate a mafia man. I hadn’t realized that was a legitimate job choice haha.

Mayami chose a very cutesy job: idol! For those who don’t know, idols are Japanese celebrities who perform a bunch of different talents (but generally aren’t necessarily that great at any of them, truthfully, since it’s more about personality and appearance than ability) and often dress in ridiculous frilly outfits and dance in sync and look kind of ridiculous yet somehow endearing. This one makes me laugh because the illustrations are just so fitting.

Kitazawa Kyou chose another type of musician who is perhaps more about actual talent than performance: classical violinist.

Kawai Hideki’s ‘phantom theif’ is quite fancy-looking if I do say so myself.

Sakamoto Mano! *w*/ Her job of choice is ‘demon king’ haha. Obviously, we’ve gotten into the more fantastical jobs at this point. Sakamoto draws a very dashing demon king, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, that’s it for the illustrations I’m going to share here!! The book is very fun to look through (I haven’t even properly tried to sit down and read anything yet, even) so I definitely recommend it. Aside from the ones I already posted there are lots of really amazing artists and interesting jobs and lots of cute humor all around.

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12 responses to “Mousou Hello Work”

  1. sringangel says :

    Ahahahaha omg Phantom Thief I still can swallow but the last one “Demon King” seriously takes the cake. XDDDDD
    Great book this is~ !

  2. Cozza says :

    ahhh, even though it’s not completely by BL artists, I adore these collaborative works! I remember your last post on Moe Danshi which made me appreciate mangaka so much more. ♥ Gotta love their adorable responses in these artbooks!

    As always, thanks for sharing, dear!!

  3. Midnightveil says :

    Kyaaaa~ I don’t suppose there were any librarians or pilots? >_< I wonder what's the pay like for Demon King… And does it come with the costume? XD

    Thanks for sharing!

    • ふう子 says :

      I don’t recall seeing either of those two jobs, no! Another one I would have liked to see that was sadly absent was ‘veterinarian’. 8( Oh well.

      haha if ‘demon king’ pays well perhaps I’ll have to put in an application.

  4. Arya says :

    Waaah it looks awesome * 7 *!!
    Where did you buy it? Can you give me a link please? :D

    • ふう子 says :

      Here is the amazon link, but if you want to buy it off any other site with cheaper shipping (such as BK1, HMV, etc.) then all you have to do is put the phrase 妄想ハローワーク into the search bar! 8)

  5. Kei says :

    pfffft this book is adorable! and I like how they even included something silly like demon king. Fujiwara Ryou’s art style really looks familiar >> was looking at their work on pixiv yesterday :’D

  6. はち says :

    Ohgod this really looks amazing. *A*
    At first, I was already ecstatic to see Kazuaki’s illustration on the cover– then I saw Hakutou Noriko and Yamada Nichoume. *q*
    Fujiwara Ryou’s is just adorableee. ;w;

    Thanks for sharing this, Ami! ;u; <33

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