Chiba Ryouko’s tankoubon covers

As many of you know, Chiba Ryouko has two releases this month after going a year without releasing anything, one through Hanaoto (Nigeru nara Ima da) and one through Chara (Honjitsu no Goyoumei wa?)! The Hanaoto cover was already posted surprisingly early this month, but just last night the Chara cover was added so I figured it would be a good chance to share them on here!

The ‘uke’ characters looks very similar haha. Chiba Ryouko must really like drawing green button-up short-sleeve overshirts.

Chiba tends to write slightly more ‘cliche’ BL stories, but I still generally really enjoy them. I think her art is really pretty, and continues to become even more so. Actually I got a couple of the latest Gateau anthologies and she has a story in there and I was really reminded of how much I enjoy the way she draws certain types of scenes. Such as sexual tension moments, and cute lovey moments. Ahhh I really look forward to being able to read these books!


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