quickie reviews, take 2

Momoka | Haru no Yuki

I looooved this manga! Seriously absolutely adored it! The general premise is this: Yukihiko lives as the sole caretaker of small baby boy named Yuuto. Aside from Yuuto, Yukihiko has no one and cares for no one—his love and responsibility lie with taking care of Yuuto and nothing more. So when he takes Yuuto to the clinic one day and is suddenly confessed to by Yuuto’s doctor, Yukihiko isn’t sure what to do. Days and weeks go by but the doctor, Hiyoshi, isn’t deterred no matter how often Yukihiko pushes him away. Perhaps Hiyoshi can be the only person to break through the wall Yukihiko built up around himself and melt his icy exterior? I know I probably made it sound super cheesy, but this manga is just so sweet! Momoka’s art is just so fittingly fluffy and it works perfectly with the tiny drops of angst. She draws amazing facial expressions and really knows how to capture the flow of the story. Some people have complained that the story moves too quickly, but idk I found no fault with it. I’ve already read this manga about five times and I see many many more rereads to come! Comparable to other really cute ‘kozure’ stories such as Kumota Haruko’s Nobara—seriously, Yuuto is the cutest manga!baby ever with his hilariously fat head and ridiculous expressions. I couldn’t get enough of him, and I generally don’t even like kids.

Kitazawa Kyou | Mori-no-Yu wa Kyou mo Poka Poka!

This manga is more of a ‘middle ground’ type—not particularly fluffy, not particularly angsty, not particularly perverted. The first story centers around a couple of childhood friends (one of which runs a bathhouse, which is where the bathhouse theme comes from obviously)—the younger of the two, Yuudai, is in love with his older friend Izumi and wants to show it and have his adoration reciprocated. But it seems like Izumi is only interested in running away and avoiding the topic, even though he seems to have realized Yuudai’s feelings. Perhaps, though, he’s running away from himself more than he’s running away from Yuudai. After the first story it centers around various other aqaintences of Yuudai and Izumi’s, including a couple who frequents the bathhouse and Yuudai’s father. While I wouldn’t shout from the hills recommending this manga to everyone who knows how to read, I did enjoy it quite a lot! A fairly simple, fun read with a good amount of fluff and perverted scenes to keep most any fujoshi happy. It has a little of everything, from childhood friends to oyaji uke to master/servant type relationships.

Tsutomu | Punch Drunker

I got it! I was able to read the manga so outwardly recommended by Ogura Muku and Kobato Mebaru!! Call me biased if you will, but this is another one I just truly adored. I never expect much out of sets of oneshots tbh—they’re enjoyable to read, but it’s generally longer stories that really stick with you. But somehow Tsutomu pulled off the most incredibly endearing set of oneshots I have possibly ever read. Her art is just soexpressive and endearing, and you’ll fall in love with her characters almost instantly. Included are stories of brotherly love and boxing, an adorable but downtrodden pâtissier who just wants to make people happy with the sweet things he creates, the home life between a dull businessman and a street singer, and a few more! They’re all equally sweet—as expected from a friend of Ogura Muku and Kobato Mebaru. I absolutely loved it!

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