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Sorry that this blog is so dead lately. orz I really don’t know where my spirit to post has gone. So much to talk about but I put it off for so long that news gets old.

♔ → First off, Kobato Mebaru now has a twitter account for her BL releases! Previously she only had one under her shoujo pen name. She doesn’t post much, but it’s exciting nonetheless. Also, iirc she mentioned something about having a story in Girls Love -Strawberry Milk Shake- which is a new GL anthology. I don’t think I’ve ever read a GL manga by Kobato Mebaru before so I’d be excited to see it!

♔ → The cover for the new issue of Rutile has been posted. This time it’s Hidaka Shouko! Sadly I didn’t buy this issue since Matsumoto Miecohouse is taking a short hiatus, but I’m still jealous of everyone who could afford it this month. The Yamamoto Kotetsuko color page looks really cute and I’d love to see her new story sd;lgjsddfg I guess I’ll have to wait for the tankoubon this time around.

♔ → And then Rutile’s sister line LYNX now has the previews up for their releases from this month on their site. You should definitely check them out—especially Minazuki Akira’s! If you’re having trouble finding them, they’re the list of covers next to the magazine release information on the main page.

♔ → The newest issue of Canna has been released, and along with it the anthology page on Canna’s website has been updated with pictures and descriptions of this month’s stories. Ahhhh so excited for Junketsu Drop as always. Kijitora said it’s another cute chapter but their feelings still aren’t reaching each other. orz;; As expected, with those two. But I’m also pretty pumped for Yamada Torico and Snae Hata. Their stories are always something worth looking forward to.

♔ → Actually, since the topic of Yamada Torico was brought up, she has a release through drap in early September!! Yesss, her second BL release! Kanashii Hito wa Doko ni mo Inai, for release on September third. I love her stories—if you haven’t read anything by her before I recommend checking out her debut comic Clara wa Itsumo Kizudarake. She always injects a great sense of melancholy into her work, and it really sets her apart.

♔ → Another exciting upcoming release is one I’ve been waiting for for a loooong time: Gojoe Tiger’s debut tankoubon! For sale on September 30th, Oujisama no Hiyaku Jikken. I hope it sells well and her manga career is really able to take off!

♔ → Two pretty covers I’ve been quite enamored by lately:

First is the debut issue of Hanamaru Manga, cover illustration by Ogura Muku. The book itself doesn’t have Ogura Muku, but has many great authors such as Koiwazurai Shibito, Hirakita Yuya and Honma Akira. Isn’t the cover so pretty, though?? Ahhh Ogura Muku, so amazing at creating gorgeous cover art. ;; Speaking of her gorgeous color artwork, there’s also this amazing cover of a novel released next month.

Then, of course, we can’t forget about Watanabe Asia’s beautiful color illustration for the official release of Nibiiro no Hana! So lovely! Watanabe Asia’s beautiful young boys always make me feel like such a creep. orz

♔ → In other release news, something worth getting excited over is Ike Reibun’s upcoming comic through HertZ that was just announced today for release in early September. If I recall correctly, this will be her first book through HertZ line. Though I was a bit disappointed, admittedly, to see her name and have it not be the second volume of Not Equal. orz;;; It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for the second volume of that manga.

♔ → Est Em’s release Happy End Apartment has been pushed back again from early to mid August. Hopefully this will be the last time her release date is changed.

♔ → Finally, HertZ! The new cover has been posted to their website, this time by Yamada Shiro. Ahhh I’m really excited, mostly for the next chapter of Hakumokuren. I know something big has to happen!! Hopefully it won’t be another super short chapter. ;; Also, as expected, going from the title of Yoneda Kou’s work this is definitely not a continuation of the story she originally had running in CRAFT. I wonder why she switched lines instead of completing Yorube Naki Mono…? The world may never know.

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8 responses to “today in BL manga”

  1. chou says :

    OMG, Inariya and Yondea Kou in the same issue of Hertz (and pretty cover too)- I can’t stand it. Why isn’t it at my house yet?!!! Just because it hasn’t been released yet is no excuse. ;-)

    Grrrr, even express mail, it won’t get here til next Thursday or Friday (assuming Customs Dudes don’t want to read it first themselves and it comes even later). Sigh- I’m really pathetic, huh?

    > I wonder why she switched lines instead of completing Yorube Naki Mono…?

    Yeah, I wonder about that too. I’ll be interested to see if this is a series opener or a one-shot. Because I’d think maybe doing occasional one-shots for a while might be a way to ease back into things without all the pressure of having to produce a certain number of chapters over a set period like with a series? But it’s a total guess, lol. Who knows really…

    • ふう子 says :

      Why isn’t it at my house yet?!!!
      haha that’s pretty much my reaction when I see BL manga I want. If only it magically appeared the second you coveted it, free of charge and regardless of the release date.

      It will probably be a oneshot! I think it would be a little too optimistic of her to come back on the scene and instantly head right into the full series again. Though, with Yoneda Kou, it almost seems like she enjoys writing long stories instead of oneshots. I guess we’ll have to wait until the book arrives!

  2. cheezy says :

    \o/ I couldn’t help myself but to pre-order Minazuki Akira’s new tank. The cover’s just too pretty to resist, even though I told myself to stop buying manga till the end of the year. :(

    Machiko Madoka’s in this month’s Rutile too. ;A;!!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha it’s just too tempting, isn’t it? orz Sadly I haven’t been able to buy myself a copy yet because it’s been out of stock on amazon pretty much ever since it was released.

  3. Suimu says :

    Ughh Watanabe-sensei has been releasing too much doujinshi stories lately ORZ. I can’t NOT get it because it’s her but then I own all of the doujinshi already too…. at least she always has cute extras in her tankoubon =u=….

    She’s even started releasing the sequel for nibiro no hana in doujinshi!! i wonder if i should stop collecting if it’s going to be released in tankoubon form anyway XD…

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I know how you feel—not so much with doujinshi, but whenever a tankoubon is released for a mangaka I like, half the time I own all the chapters from the magazines. orz;;; So it seems like every time I’m just wasting my money, but I have such a collector mentality so it’s difficult to not buy the tankoubon even if I’ve already read the story.

      ohhh she’s continuing Nibiiro no Hana? I look forward to it! If you end up getting the doujinshi please let me know if it’s good haha.

      • Suimu says :

        JUST THIS SO MUCH. I swear I’m such a collector it kills me.

        Anyways orz, picked up Nibiiro no Hana today… from what I know so far there is one extra she added in the tankoubon, the rest of the comic is all of Nibiiro no Hana 1-5. Don’t know if they censored anything because I’m too lazy to cross check with the doujinshi XD;

        Reading this made me miss her drawing style from 07-08 D: !! I like her style alot now but I think I like her older style alot more ;__; always saddens me when artists abandon one style I’m in love with, but it doesn’t make me love the artist any less XD.

        And yes! Her continuation is called HimiHana, 1 was released during the winter and 2 will be released during this coming comiket along with a Tiger and Bunny (anime) doujinshi.

        • ふう子 says :

          haha sadly I wouldn’t doubt them randomly censoring—these days Junet is so bad about that. Their censoring is so obnoxious.

          ahh I know how you feel!! ;; Ootsuki Miu’s artstyle has been changing lately, and I like it but… idk I liked her style from a couple years ago more. Same with Ogura Muku—the way she draws her characters has become much more bulky than it used to be, I think, and perhaps more sullen. I know it’s just normal for an artist’s style to change over time, but it’s so sad when it changes from a style you really loved into one you’re not quite so keen on.

          I look forward to it, then!

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