and again with the covers.

Hello! Sorry again for my absence. orz I read Watase Yuu’s Sakura Gari yesterday though I’m not exactly sure I want to talk about it. Maybe next time I do some short reviews. But I have some covers I wanted to share from this month’s releases since I personally found them rather exciting, so I guess we’ll get on with that!

First, just tiny little samples of Minazuki Akira and Mochimeko’s covers for their releases through LYNX and Rutile respectively!

Both very cute and very much on my to-buy list. I’ve only read one story by Minazuki Akira in LYNX as far as I can recall, and I’m always excited to see more work from her. And of course you just can’t go wrong with Mochimeko when you’re in the mood for something fluffy and amazing—especially since this is a work through Rutile.

After that is Uchida Tsuchi’s cover! I’m super pumped about this release since this was the book that was originally announced in February for release in late April, but it was one of the many BL releases that was delayed possibly due to complications after the quake. I personally really truly adore Uchida Tsuchi’s work—her art is so cute and she has interesting (though short) stories and I love her sex scenes.

I wonder what exactly this collection will bring—perhaps it will be more oneshots, but I’m also hoping for a longer story or two.

Konjiki Runa’s cover through Hanaoto is also quite pretty:

Then—! The larger version of Snae Hata’s cover for the upcoming issue of Canna! It’s so cute so I just had to share it again.

I will never get over her adorable character designs. Never! Ahhhh I’m so excited for the next issue of Canna. ;; Snae Hata on the cover and more Junketsu Drop and of course a bunch of other great mangaka and stories.

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2 responses to “and again with the covers.”

  1. cheezy says :

    /o/ Minazuki Akira!! *rejoice*! Her characters are looking more beautiful by the day! The cover (even though it’s rather small right now) looks wonderful!

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