Aniya’s C80 doujinshi samples.

Yesterday it finally happened! Aniya Yuiji finally posted to her website about her doujinshi for C80! Actually, even more than new doujinshi it seems she’ll have quite a lot for sale at Aniyagumi’s table. No wonder she even asked for people to sign up to help out with her circle.

As you can see in the picture, she’ll have two new doujinshi for sale! First is Ore no Neko ga Konna ni Eroi wake ga nai. The title is a parody, of course, of the light novel series turned seinen manga turned anime “OreImo”, but as far as I can tell the story is completely original—about a young man who picks up a cat that looks miraculously like a student in his class that he has an interest in. However, it’s no ordinary cat. Second is the doujinshi she previously posted the cover of but didn’t necessarily confirm, Me wo Hiraitemo 3 Senchi, a continuation of her manga through drap comics Me wo Tojite 3byou. This one will be the continuation of their relationship after they first get together. Both doujinshi are 18+, and if you visit her page you can view short samples of both books!

Aside from that she’ll also be selling a mini notepad for OreNeko and then an original illustration book! You can buy the whole set for 2000 yen. She’ll also have her doujinshi from last NatsuComi, Leila Leila, up for sale alongside her mini-anthology RE:cycled.

I’m super ecstatic!!! I honestly just can’t even contain my excitement over this—I kind of have to put myself into denial mode just to keep from reading those sample pages thirty more times. orz;; Though I’m a bit sad, since she doesn’t mention anywhere that she’ll be posting her doujinshi to toranoana or any other online stores. And even if she did post them online, she likely wouldn’t include the notepad and sketch booklet. Blehhh it’s times like this that make me actually want to go to Japan just to visit Comiket for one day. I guess I could always get them for twice the original price on an auction site!

Oh oh, speaking of Aniya Yuiji!! Her tankoubon for her josei manga through ITAN, Tempest, comes out early next month. Please look forward to it!


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