Junketsu Drop & Mousou Elektel

First off, thank you very much to everyone who messaged/emailed/commented about my birthday!! It was very sweet of you all. I actually got a lot lot lot of BL manga yesterday, which is of course the best birthday gift I could ask for. I got a bunch as gifts and then my package for June happened to arrive yesterday as well so I was left with an overwhelming amount of new BL to read.

Of course, when I have this much BL I tend to put off reading any of it, but actually I have so far read two chapters so I can at least talk about them. Obviously, as the title says, it’s the two newest chapters of Kisaragi Manami and Watarumi Naho’s Junketsu Drop and Nekota Yonezou’s Mousou Elektel.

First, Junketsu Drop!! Ugh you ladies, I cannot even convey how much I love this manga. It’s pretty much everything I love wrapped up into one amazing package: highschool boys, insane sexual tension, confused attraction that is born from a joke, experimenting in empty public places, slow and natural sexual progression, and constant questioning of “hmmm I wonder why exactly I keep giving this guy a handjob behind closed doors at school when I’m supposed to hate him…….?” It’s just so fabulous.

In this chapter we get more of the glorious confusion of the feelings between Misato and Kasukabe. As I said to my friend on twitter, their sexual relationship is progressing pretty quickly but their emotional relationship is stunted. Both of them are starting to realize that there has to be some kind of reason they keep pulling each other into abandoned classrooms to make out, but they have yet to actually confront each other on the subject.

No, it seems for now they’re content with their heavy petting in the form of Kasukabe giving ‘lessons’ to Misato. In the form of handjobs and hickies.

But one thing comes to a boiling point in this chapter: Misato gets frustrated once and for all that Kasukabe touches him but won’t allow Misato to return the favor. After questioning himself a tiny bit on why he wants to touch Kasukabe so badly, they meet again and he pulls Kasukabe into a classroom and tries to touch him. But Kasukabe pushes him away again, pulling his snide act and mocking Misato in the process. However, instead of getting pissy himself Misato starts crying and asks why he isn’t allowed to touch Kasukabe—begs Kasukabe to allow Misato to touch him. Kasukabe’s act slips for a moment before he ‘allows’ Kasukabe to give him a handjob. Which turns into a blowjob. And then Kasukabe, throwing reason to the wind, gets down on his own knees in front of Misato and that’s where this chapter ends.

See? Fabulous.

Let me be a ~stereotypical fujoshi for a second and post a thought: which one is going to top and which one is going to bottom? They way she has their relationship set up, it’s hard to tell. The semi-sadistic, cocky way Kasukabe treats Misato makes it seem like he’ll be the top, but idk part of me still feels like she’s setting it up so Misato will actually… uh… ‘gekokujou’ Kasukabe. Because while Kasukabe always wants to be the one in the active stance, he’s still nonetheless always ‘serviced’ Misato instead of it being the other way around. idk it’s weird. I guess we’ll just have to see, though I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Watarumi and Kisaragi ultimately don’t even have them engaging in penetrative sex and thus there being no necessity for ‘bottom’ and ‘top’ at all. (Or they could be reversible? Maybe??)

Anyway sd;gsjdgsd I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter. It’s kind of ridiculous how excited this manga makes me.

As for the second manga I wanted to talk about, I won’t be going nearly so in-depth but I just wanted to share this:

Fumi is going to bottom! FUMI IS GOING TO BOTTOM!!! \*A*/

I am so ridiculously excited by this sd;lgjsdg;sdgsds ever since he was like “no I’m tachi” I sad-faced because he’s exactly the type I like to see on bottom. (….don’t ask. I just have ‘types’ for these things.) But in the long run it doesn’t matter who is on top or bottom so I still got over it fairly quickly. BUT—!! Fumi on bottom! \*w*/ It feels so rare that a popular ‘cute romance’ BL manga like this switches the roles even once or twice so I was really shocked, but I suppose Nekota Yonezou has been trying to go a fairly more realistic route with this manga since the beginning.

Sadly, they were interrupted before they could do much of anything other than some light groping. orz Nekota Yonezou, how could you do this to me!? But luckily it said she’ll be returning in the November issue of drap (released in late September). So far away! /;w;\ Please let Fumi properly be on bottom next time, Nekota!!

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17 responses to “Junketsu Drop & Mousou Elektel”

  1. Cozza says :

    omgosh! I completely forgot to wish you a happy birthday!!! 8( I’m sosososo sorry!


    Pretty post full of BL is pretty!! So happy for you!
    With Juketsu Drop — are there two creators (author and illustrator)? It looks and sounds so endearing!
    Yay for Nekota Yonezou’s works!

    • ふう子 says :

      you don’t have to apologize haha. But thank you!

      Yep, with Junketsu Drop it’s part of the writing series that Canna has going on with Watarumi Naho. She has two connected high school stories drawn by Suzukura Hal and Kisaragi Manami, talked about more in-depth here. They’re both quite good, but I absolutely adore Kisaragi Manami’s art and the tension her story carries, as well as the characters.

  2. cosmoflip says :

    oh god junketsu drop does look fabulous. really really want the tank to be asap ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 89yen982h3niwk ;w;

    • ふう子 says :

      Doesn’t it?? sd;ljsdgs I hope I’m not overhyping it for you so you end up not liking it, but tbh I can’t imagine you not enjoying Junketsu Drop once you finally read it. It’s just that good. *w*

  3. lenaleemelodee says :

    Duuuude, you’ve actually gotten everything that is on my “buy later” list xD Such a great collection! The only difference, I guess is that I don’t really buy neither Canna nor Cab nor other anthologies BL mags (Except for Chara Selection), because they’re kinda too expensive for me.
    Can’t wait to read your thoughts on all those series!
    The only series I don’t know are the 3rd and 4th tanks on the bottom from the left. And the 4th and 5th in the middle from the right. Could you please tell me their titles?
    As for Koi no Mannaka (uh, if I remember the title right) is not available at Bk1, the only place I order manga from T^T I would’ve ordered it long ago, it has really good reviews.

    And lucky you! I’d love to get so many tanks for a b-day gift! But I’ll most likely spend my b-day packing unpacking, because of moving T^T

    Sexual tension in Junketsu Drop sure is high!

    • ふう子 says :

      The third and fourth from the bottom left are by Machimeko and Taumi Mayu. The fourth and fifth from the middle right are by Komeri and Dorohoshi Ruka!

      And that sucks about Koi no Mannaka. :< It was also out on amazon for a while.

      Though it sucks as a way to spend your birthday, good luck with packing!

  4. Midnightveil says :

    Oh gosh HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! And big thanks for sharing your bday hoard! May you be a happy fujoshi forever and may all your kinks come true 8D

    (whoah whoah Fumi is the bottom?! Reversible FTW!)

  5. cheezy says :

    \o/ I’m really late, but happy belated birthday!

    Gosh, I’m rooting for Misato to top Kusakabe. OR a surprise reverse would be good too. :( I’m kinda disappointed with Interval Zero which is rather weird because both stories has the same author. Ugh!

    • ふう子 says :

      Thank you! o/

      haha tbh I am too–Kasukabe just has such an arrogant attitude toward Misato during their sexual encounters, so I really want to see what he’d be like if he were topped. It seems like the only good expressions we’ve seen so far as from Misato, so I want to see Kasukabe squirm haha. /gross fujoshi
      And I know what you mean!! :< I don't know if it's just that Junketsu is so good that it overshadows Interval Zero, but I find it hard to relate to or empathize with the characters and the plot isn't all that interesting. Sad. ;;

  6. bibi says :

    Awww ~~~~ I love your yaoi manga collection
    Are u japanese ??? I always wish that i could read yaoi manga in Japanese one day

    • ふう子 says :

      Hello! I am not Japanese, actually—just plain old American. I’m sure you’ll be able to read Japanese BL someday with plenty of practice and time!

  7. AllyStar (@Ally_Star) says :

    I just find your blog and seriously, I LOVE YOU XD
    Thank you so much for this article. I just read 2 chapters of Juketsu drop and I LOOOVE it. I cant wait to read the rest! I think I am going to learn how to read japanese! I cant wait now ajadgygedhjhkgfvjly…
    I am seriously going to buy books like “learn japanese” tomorrow! It is the first, no more like the 10th time I am so hooked by a manga. So its decided I am going to learn japanse ;)
    Tha,k you again for this article.
    (sorry if I make some mistakes in my comment, English isnt my first language) =p

  8. Allison says :

    Is it possible for you to list all the titles (the english titles of course)? Because from just looking at the covers im interested in reading them!

  9. Sam says :

    Wow so you read Japanese? I speak plain old English, which isn’t even my first language, I speak German too though but it’s not like anyone really cares about that because seriously, which good books are in German that haven’t been translated into English? When I was tiny I used to spend all my time feeling like a boss because I read German and Dutch Barbie books then my friends revealed to me that you can read them in English as well

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