today in BL covers

As usual, now that the month is at the point where it’ll start coming to a close soon more and more BL covers are getting posted to close up and prepare for next month’s releases. Sadly, not all of the covers have been posted yet since some publishers are stingy and won’t post until the exact release date, but three new ones caught my attention today.

First off, the cover of Gush ManiaEX is a gorgeous illustration by Katou Setsuko!

I generally feel like there’s never enough Katou Setsuko in my life, so I was really excited to see this. Not-so-secretly hoping for a tankoubon release from her at some point near the end of the year. ;;

Then there’s this gorgeous novel cover by Ogura Muku that’s just breathtaking:

Ogura really excels at gentle, beautiful colors and poses, doesn’t she? Speaking of Ogura Muku, a new chapter of Castle Mango is in the issue of Cab released today! Also, she’s a bit late but on her blog she announced that she had a pin-up in the June issue of Comic Aqua.

Finally, there’s this really pretty BL novel cover by Kazu.

As you can probably tell, I really like covers like this—fairly simple, but with a big impact. Novel covers are always so pretty. ;; I’ll study Japanese harder!!

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9 responses to “today in BL covers”

  1. Kuro says :

    You are too right, there is just never enough Katou Setsuko in my life as well!! > <

  2. Marge says :

    I agree with you! Novel covers are almost always beautiful and makes me so interesting in them! Too bad I don’t know any japanese, haha. Scanlators rarely pick up novels for translation, too and it’s such a shame…
    good luck with your studies!

    • ふう子 says :

      They really are! Though I understand why scanlation groups wouldn’t want to pick up novels—they require not only a higher level of Japanese, but also a higher level or general writing ability. Dialogue from manga is much easier, which is why even I can read it haha. I do wish, though, that more official publishers would pick up more novels. Sadly, they’re rarely touched by English publishers even though they’re a huge part of JP fandom.

  3. Farnese says :

    If you know
    what is the amazon japan link for the novel above 
    I can’t seem to find it on amazon Jp

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