today in BL manga

sorry about my general absence lately. Things have been stressful so I haven’t been reading much BL.

♔ → The cover for the novel Ootsuki Miu illustrated, Nagareboshi Furu Koi ga Furu, has been posted. Actually, it was posted a while ago. A quite sexy cover illustration, as expected of Ootsuki Miu!

I’m pretty excited, since it’s finally the official release of this book. Actually, I’ve been watching to read it ever since people started posting that illustration up all over the place. *w*

♔ → Yoneda Kou is coming back in HertZ in the next issue!

Frankly, I’m quite surprised she’ll be in HertZ instead of Craft, since that was originally the line she ran under. Does this mean a whole new story instead of a continuation of the ones she left off on?

♔ → Speaking of HertZ, on the HertZ line webpage a bunch of the POP illustrations for upcoming releases have been added for Moto Haruhira, Komizu Kiyo and Natsumizu Ritsu. They’re all very cute so I recommend checking them out if you like those artists.

♔ → LYNX’s site has been updated for the latest issue! The cover is super cute. *w* I’m pretty excited to get this one in the mail since it’s the continuation of a lot of the stories I liked in the last volume, plus it has some of my favorite mangaka. Though… sadly, after looking at the line-up for the next volume, I’m not really super excited for that one. orz;; It only has six or so mangaka listed that I really really love. But at least there are quite a few mangaka that I’ve never heard of. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Also, if you click LYNX’s site, you can see a preview for Suisei Summit by Akiyama Koito! There’s a sex scene, which surprised me since I was always under the impression they try to keep dirty-type stuff out off online previews. Maybe I’ve just been reading too much Rutile Sweet.

♔ → The Hanaoto releases for August were announced and they include a book by Chiba Ryouko!! I’m pretty happy since it feels like it’s been a long time since I was last able to read something new by her. Anyway, it will come out August 29th.

♔ → And finally, the cover to Komeri’s debut tankoubon Itoshi no Koishi no has been posted to Tokyo Mangasha’s site! Very cute, with lots of sweet, gentle colors. Also included is the cover of Cab, which is by Terashima this month and is very pink.

Then, as you can see in the information section, a drama CD for Koshino’s Samejime-kun to Sasahara-kun will be released.

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2 responses to “today in BL manga”

  1. Kuro says :

    *u* I don’t know what I want to expect from Yoneda Kou, a continuation of her old work? or a new series? But either way, I am so delightfully surprised! XD

    And a drama CD for Koshino’s book? \O/

    You always come bearing such great news XD

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