covers, redux

The cover for PLAYZONE was added to Junet’s website! \*A*/ To be honest, I’m not sure how much I adore the design itself, but it’s very purple!

Ughhhh I love Sato so I can’t wait for this to arrive. I want to read their full story! And the full story for Docchi no Darling!

Some other covers I wanted to talk about include Canna and BexBoy releases, Kusama Sakae’s latest tankoubon in particular.

First, Canna:

Yukue Moegi and Kashio! I really love the Kashio one, if only because I will always be a sucker for BL manga that has cats on the cover, or has to do with cats. Cats and BL is the ultimate combination. Actually Yukue Moegi’s only just got posted last night! While it doesn’t have the upper hand of cats on the cover, it’s still really pretty.

As for BexBoy:

I wanted to share the Izumi Bouko one if only because I’ve never read anything by her before, and her cover is really cute. But the one that really caught my eye, of course, is Kusama Sakae’s. I don’t know what it is about Kusama Sakae—most any other mangaka with a cover of just two guys sitting around wouldn’t fascinate me, admittedly, even if I thought it was cute—but I find this cover absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know if it’s the body language of the two men, or their faces, or the coloring, or what, but I love it.  I’m definitely excited to read this!

Though admittedly, I thought they had changed the title to Sakuranbo or something…? I wonder why they suddenly decided to change it back.

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6 responses to “covers, redux”

  1. natsu says :

    Ah ! Yukue Moegi ! I love a lot of her doujinshi, even though I don’t really like that Gintama pairing, but her style really is good~

    I have her blog link a while ago, but lost it, ack, I was following her trying to see when she was going to release a tankoubon, or else, but it seems that she’s only working for Canna ? I really want to see one of her original story, I’m sure it’s good :D

  2. Kery says :

    Izumi Bouko used to do doujinshi too, but for KHR. Her art is cute and her doujinshi (and first manga) are obscenely dirty, but unfortunately her plots don’t hold much substance. If you like fluffy, stupid porn then go ahead. I don’t know if she’s improved since her first book though.

    Yukue Moegi, on the other hand…….. is just pure LOVE.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha admittedly I’m the type to enjoy super perverted manga so perhaps I’d like her works. Sadly I can’t afford to buy them this month, but I’ll definitely consider adding them to my backlog list.

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