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♔ → Ogura Muku updated about it at the same time she requested everyone buy Tsutomu’s tankoubon but I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention: she’s the illustrator for the latest cover of Gateau! Sadly, so far all I can find is this super tiny image taken from Chill Chill. ;w;

So gorgeous. I’ll be waiting for a larger version to be posted up!

♔ →Also, speaking of Gateau vol. 03, Fujoshi Twin told me that Arii Memeko’s Hitorijime Boyfriend is supposedly getting a continuation with Kensuke’s friend as the main character. *w* This will be amazing—you couldn’t help but want more of him after seeing him dressed like a magical girl on the cover under the dust jacket. More of him in frilly dresses please!

♔ → The drap cover was posted to amazon: click! For a while I was like “yukata??” but then it occurred to me that this is already the July issue! It’s still so cold where I’m from, I keep forgetting we’re already half into the year. I’m pretty excited for Ootsuki Miu’s new chapter, of course! Since it’s the final chapter of Familiar, I wonder how she’ll be able to pack everything in. The latest chapter ended in Nanao saying he wants to move out, so I can’t wait to see Ryouhei’s reaction!

♔ → Actually, for more on Ootsuki Miu, today I read the final part of her story from Gush!! I don’t know if I talked about it before, but it’s technically a story about a man who’s ‘paipan’ (hairless in the pubic region) and an old school acquaintance who comes back into his life and admits he’s been in love with him since their school days. Mr. paipan has a complex about his natural hairlessness and so the other man offers to ‘help’ him become more comfortable with sexual situations. You could see it from a mile away, of course, but in the final chapter Mr. paipan ended up falling for his school acquaintance and they had hot sex and it was fabulous. As expected from my most beloved Ootsuki Miu.

Sorry I can’t share any sample pictures. /;w;\ I’m not at home so my magazine isn’t with me.

♔ → Ah! I have a scanlation to recommend! I already recommended it on my personal tumblr (wow tumblr has been coming up a lot lately on here I guess I use it more often now??) but since I don’t have many followers on there aside from my friends I figured I’d post it here as well because it made me cry and I guess I have a thing for BL that touches me so much that I cry helloooo super long run-on sentence!

Anyway the manga is Achi Harufumi’s Home Sick Baby, released by Echochi (originally ran in Canna), and on the surface it’s about a guy who runs away from home and later on gets ~friendly with an older man on a park bench while they talk about onigiri—

—but actually it’s so much more than that. Really, it’s a story about a gay kid who’s kicked out (runs away, but isn’t pursued) by his family and has no one to turn to or to love or to show him love until he meets this mysterious man who talks fondly about food lovingly cooked by your mother. But for a young man disowned because of his sexuality, talking about a mother’s love in the food she makes her children is nothing but a sore spot. While the young man, Yuusuke, initially acts like he’s not particularly hurt by the rejection from his family, later on you see the deep-seated pain caused by being turned away by the one group of people who were supposed to love him unconditionally. So bittersweet but so amazing ahhhh. /;w;\ I love BL that adds in glorious realistic twists like that—makes me cry every time.

You should all read it, seriously! There’s not much romance but the relationship between Yuusuke and his ‘savior’ of sorts is just so sweet. While they end off on a fairly platonic level, the mere fact that Yuusuke is able to find someone to love and accept him is more than enough to make up for it.

Actually I’d keep an eye on that scanlation group in general—so many amazing upcoming releases. *w* A bunch of great Canna oneshots like Achi Harufumi’s, and Yamanaka Hiko’s End Game. Another one that made me cry, actually…

♔ → And, lastly, some release news: Inariya Fusanosuke’s Hyakujitsu no Bara will be releasing its third volume in late July mid-September. Volume four is also supposedly slated for a 2011 release but no specific date has been posted yet. eta: oops, both release dates have been pushed back! Sorry about that!

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8 responses to “today in BL manga”

  1. nomanlive says :

    When I saw the super tiny cover you had posted of “Gateau”^^, I was speechless. Oh my God! So beautiful! We definitely got to buy one… ^^

  2. sringangel says :

    Home Sick Baby became one of my favs thanks to you ;v;
    I wish it wasn’t a one-shot I really like the onigiri couple! *sobs*

    • ふう子 says :

      Isn’t it such a sweet manga? And I agree—though as a oneshot you’re left with the open ending, which gives it a more realistic feel, I can’t help wanting a longer series in which Yuusuke is able to truly fall in love and his love is reciprocated and perhaps he makes up with his family?? ;w; A girl can dream!

  3. Ana says :

    do you know where i can find the larger version of the image of ogura muku :)??

  4. 7849 says :

    I have a really stupid question regarding gateau anthologies.. Er there are 10 volumes listed here – and the magazine has quite a number of volumes in anthologies. Do they both contain the same stories? i’m guessing the anthologies have extra oneshots, still running stories and extras but do the 10 volumes all appear in the mag as well? thanks!

    • ふう子 says :

      Hello! Don’t worry—it’s not stupid at all. 8) Actually, Gateau started running their anthology after releasing a majority of their initial tankoubon (the ones you see on that list), no none of the stories contained in those books are running in the Gateau anthologies. The stories currently running in the anthologies are all new and original and have yet to be given proper releases.

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