Aosaka Koukou “Junketsu Drop”

So this isn’t a comprehensive post about Canna. Frankly I’d be surprised if I could be not!lazy for long enough to create one. (Though I was thinking a vague ‘impressions’ post of the anthologies would suffice since I got a few more of them in the mail yesterday. orz) However, I really love this story and I want to talk about it because I’m hooked.

I guess first off I’d better give some backstory or it won’t make much sense. For Canna, Watarumi Naho is doing a project in which she’s writing two technically parallel stories at the same time, illustrated by two mangaka: Suzukura Hal and Kisaragi Manami. Both stories take place at a high school called Aosaka, a sports-centered school that accepts normals students as well as high-reaching athletes. The characters dealt with in the series are from the student council and the sports section of the school—the sports students tend to be arrogant and rude and the student council often has to deal with their bullshit. Both stories have the same set of characters, just a different focus and different drawings. For example:

The student council’s Kasukabe-senpai, as drawn by Suzukura Hal and then Kisaragi Manami respectively. As you have probably already agreed, it’s a really cool project! I just love how they seem to have all sat down and drawn out the character concepts together—the characters are exactly the same but the difference in art styles mixes it up. A different art style really brings a whole different feel to the same characters.

While I do enjoy Suzukura Hal’s story, for some reason I have fallen absolutely 100% head-over-heels for Kisaragi Manami’s! \*w*/ Her art is just so cute and expressive and warm (while I’d consider Suzukura’s a bit more cool and beautiful—not quite so fluffy!) and I love the character set-up! As I wrote on tumblr:

Student council senpai Kasukabe hates the sports clubs and their monopoly over the school, but he ends up entangled with sports champ (his kouhai) Misato. Popular, attractive Misato talks big but once Kasukabe is alone with him it turns out Misato is fairly shy and socially inexperienced. What initially starts off as a teasing kiss ends up being the trigger that starts a weird physical relationship between the two that they both have to figure out.

It’s so addicting and the story seriously has some of the best sexual tension I’ve seen in a while. I love how their weird make-out session was started by Kasukabe teasing Misato for being a virgin (though he’s a virgin himself), and somehow it’s stretching out into Misato randomly propositioning making out in abandoned classrooms. Neither of them has done the cliched “no I will push you away because we’re both boys and this is not right!!1!” line and I think that adds such an interesting feel to the story. Obviously Kasukabe and Misato both know they’re both boys and it’s a bit unusual to be making out and practically dry-humping in empty classrooms during break (especially if you started out fighting and hating each other) but there isn’t any melodrama. Kasukabe (whose POV leads the story) is just doing what feels good and only vaguely starting to worry “uh oh I might be gay because I really want to get it on with Misato…” He tests making out with girls, and tries to test it with other boys (doesn’t work so well), but in the end he’s fairly laid-back about this sudden sexual identity crisis that Misato’s blushing face has launched him into.

I seriously love the second chapter—how Misato keeps randomly approaching Kasukabe and dragging him into abandoned classrooms without so much as a word of explanation, only to pin him as soon as they’re alone and start kissing him in the most adorable inexperienced way. And then you have Kasukabe, who acts like he’s only playing along for Misato’s sake while secretly hoping for Misato to push him—beg him, even—to do more. So tsundere, good god. (Though generally this only results is either making Misato unsure of himself or shy—it works sometimes, though!)

Anyway I’ll stop going on and on about this series. Here are some sample images:

That last panel I photographed isn’t actually as angst-y as it looks—in reality, that’s right after him masturbating to Misato’s aroused face and realizing that, yeah, he’s in trouble. He really should have just taken Misato’s offer to jack him off. Would have been more fulfilling, Kasukabe!

I hope the next chapter leads to one of them giving the other a blowjob, tbh. That’s the only way you could inject even more sexual tension into this manga. But, really, any romantic tension between these two is sure to be amazing. Canna, please come out faster!

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13 responses to “Aosaka Koukou “Junketsu Drop””

  1. Lacy says :

    I FEEL A HUGE URGE TO READ THIS NOW. Arrrgghh the artwork is just perfect, the blushes are so cute and you’re right, there is a crap-load of sexual tension, even just in the panels you chose. Plus that parallel series thing is quite interesting and innovative, I’m not sure if I heard of it being done before. I don’t really import (except for the moe danshigatari) but I wish I did!

    • ふう子 says :

      Isn’t her art just adorable? Previously I’d only read an Ouran Host Club doujinshi and then a short by her from Canna, but at this point I’m definitely in love with her art. I’m truly a sucker for super cute BL art styles.

      • Lacy says :

        It is! I feel she has the same vibe as Someya Rui’s works, whose doujinshi I love to bits. Haha aren’t we all, there is just something about the cute stuff that gets me hooked in.

        • ふう子 says :

          Ah, Someya Rui! It feels like its been forever since I read something by her, but her art is also really adorable from what I can remember. tbh I’ve only read a oneshot by her I think? Since she doesn’t write doujinshi for series I know anything about. orz

          • Lacy says :

            While she only dabbles in a few series, I love her Sengoku Basara and Persona 4 doujinshi. I think her P4 stuff is actually quite accessible, because iirc it’s all domestic and fluffy stuff with aprons and cross-dressing, so yeah :3

  2. Midnightveil says :

    Hmm i do wish you’d talk more about it actually! Like how the parallel story thing works? Do the two mangaka draw different POVs of the characters etc? Or different pairing in the same universe?

    Thanks for the pretties!! HIghschoolclassroomsexualtensionFTW!!!1!

    • ふう子 says :

      Same universe, but different pairings and main characters! Suzukura Hal’s story focuses on the pairing of Tasuku (main character POV, student council) and Kima (track club). Tasuku and Kusakabe are friends. Both stories focus on similar issues on the technical background plot, such as school going-ons and such, so both pairings’ stories are running parallel at the same time, so the characters make appearances in both stories even when they aren’t the main characters. Very interesting!

  3. Farnese says :

    Hey ふう子,
    Can you please write the ISBN for this manga?

  4. lea says :

    waaaahhh im pretty sure the mangaka which u gave the sample images is BLISS shich is known for it’s USxUK doujinshi. *squeaalll* finally she made original manga(or im too dumb too realize she already debuted *_*) and this look pretty amazing~~`

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