some short release news.

I woke up to some great news and some less-than-great news on Asunaro this morning.

First the not-so-great news: Nakamura Asumiko’s art book release date has been pushed back a month.

Boooo, but at least this is good news for me since now I’ll have birthday money to spend on it when it’s finally released.

As for the good news—!! First, Watanabe Asia will be releasing her Nibiiro no Hana series in full, official tankoubon form through Junet, just like she did with Pink no Omocha!

And then, and then!! Finally, Hanaoto has reannounced Uchida Tsuchi’s second tankoubon for release in late July! \;A;/

I had been mourning this book since it was announced that the release date was canceled, so I’m absolutely ecstatic. For those who don’t know, Uchida Tsuchi has only released one tankoubon, and it was one of the first ever tankoubon I bought because the cover is just so cute: Ookami Shounen no Amagami! And I really love her art and her stories are so cute and fluffy and she actually writes quite good sex scenes. I can’t wait for her second book—hopefully it won’t be delayed again!

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