tankoubon: first impressions

Sorry about that short absence! My package arrived yesterday but the process of me getting new BL manga to read tends to go like this: I get super pumped after the shipping notice arrives, I stay pumped until the package gets there, the package arrives and I spend the next hour giddily flipping through each book, and I then get overwhelmed and am not sure which book to read first and I just kind of leave them sitting for the rest of the day while I make up my mind. I have started reading Cab so far! Glorious as always, of course. And I’ve read a few stories here or there from my other anthologies.

But that’s not what I’ll talk about tonight—right now it’s all about my current impressions of the tankoubon I got.

First I want to talk about Est Em’s Equus. Sorry I was a dumbass and forgot to take a picture of the cover. As you can see from my first picture, the dark designs on the cover are actually gold. Very beautiful. Not only that, but the cover is gorgeously textured and just insanely high-quality. I was surprised since it’s one of the first releases from onBLUE, but I suppose it isn’t that shocking because onBLUE may be this company’s first BL publication but they’ve otherwise been going on for a while.

Here’s the back cover, though:

Count on my camera to instantly focus on the least important part!

Everything about this book is just beautiful, from the packaging to the actual content. Though, as I’ve said on tumblr, I’m not sure how sexually appealing I find the smutty parts of the stories quite yet since… well… the technical ‘sexual’ parts of these men are their horse parts. Which I’m perplexed by. Is it hot? Is it not hot? Is it hot in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable at the same time? Oh well, for now I’ll just focus on how gorgeous Est Em’s characters are and how much I like the actual stories.

(though I made the mistake of telling my sister about this tankoubon and now she’ll never let me live it down. She loves pointing out “you’re the pervert who has horse porn.” orz;;;;;; Est Em if you weren’t so amazing, idek……)

After that is Kojima Lalako’s Kimi to Parade tankoubon, which is her third and final release for the time being! (Though I wouldn’t be shocked if LYNX announced something by her in the next four or so months.)

I’m sad that, unlike most Canna publications thus far, this tankoubon didn’t come with an illustration pamphlet with a message from Kojima. 8( Either that, or just my copy didn’t come with one and I’ve been ripped off. Oh well, a tiny disappointment but it doesn’t matter in the long run. I’m happy to finish my collection of Kojima Lalako’s books and the extra has a blowjob scene. That makes up for it.

The color insert is her Canna cover, which is awesome because I’ve always wanted a large, clean version of that illustration.

And then under the dust  jacket are these adorable illustrations for Akaboshi and Kikuchi throughout the seasons:

I have scanned versions here and here.

Then we have– *w*

Castle Mango!! \*A*/ I love this book so much ahhhhh. It actually doesn’t have any original content–there isn’t any extra fanservice chapter or anything. But that’s understandable since the book is already HUGE. It was probably a big enough battle to just fit in all those long-ass chapters.

The inside flaps of the dust jacket! Aren’t they cute?

Then the contents is all golden, and the back of the dust jacket is a pretty color illustration of Castle Mango on the horizon.

But to make up for the lack of extra fanservice chapters, there’s a pamphlet filled with silly 4koma.

As for Aigan Doll 100% by Yamada Maya, the book that held my entire order back.

It’s really smutty lmao.

As expected.

And I do not regret buying it in the least! The book is actually a collection of ten or so short oneshots that are mostly just fluffy sex-filled treats. Kind of like those little 100 calorie snack packs, except way more satisfying. Yamada Maya’s art is very much my type and I love the soft way her bodies look—not so boney and pointy like they do in a lot of other art styles.

Plus this book has at least three stories with crossdressing or panties. THREE. Mmmm my favorite fetish, how I love it when you are catered to.

As for Hino Garasu’s latest tankoubon, I can’t say much about it yet since I haven’t read much of it.

But I can at least say I absolutely love her coloring technique. So pretty.

Finally, we have Yamada Kouta’s Risou no Hito. I’ve actually been wanting to read this one really badly ever since it was released and while it’s not exactly what I was expecting (and admittedly I was a bit disappointed that it’s just a oneshot collection) I’m enjoying it a lot so far.

I especially liked the first chapter, which is the title story. A pretty simple but satisfying read. And while I haven’t fallen head-over-heels for Yamada’s art I nonetheless find it enjoyable and it fits well with the mood of her stories!

Anyway, I’ll try to get on writing about the magazines and anthologies next though those are a more difficult task since… well… since they’re so long and generally have a lot more going on. I’ll try my best!

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12 responses to “tankoubon: first impressions”

  1. Midnightveil says :

    Uwaaaaah!! I can’t wait for your in-depth reviews with even more pictures, especially for Equus >_< Hot damn, talk about high quality printing though! Seems like BL publications are getting more well-printed these days, at the least they're a lot better designed than they used to be.

    Thanks for the preview~

    • ふう子 says :

      haha we’ll have to see later if I do any proper comprehensive reviews—I always aim high but end up getting lazy. orz

      There really are so many gorgeous covers these days!

  2. khursten says :

    All these pretty things, Fuuko~ *w*)

    I will get my equus sooonish~ <3 <3 HORSE LOOOOOVE~~! (Did you get Hataraki Centaurus?)

    • ふう子 says :

      I did get Hatarake Centaurus, actually! ;w; I ran out of money and I’m just pitiful enough to choose a BL title over a shoujo one, even though I was excited about it.

  3. sringangel says :

    I see tumblr! *stalks you* XD
    Kimi to Parade and Castle Mango looks so fantastic ;-; so wanna buy them!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I have two tumblr accounts actually.
      They really are! If you can scrounge up the money I definitely recommend them—they’re both such pretty books! :>

  4. soondark says :

    Oh my gosh. All the coloured art is so so gorgeous ;A;

  5. Darklight says :

    Sad to see equus was censored compared to the doujinshi edition (I’m talking about the hot threesome), but oh well. I will get it anyway, and maybe one day I will be able to track down the DJs as well *___*

    • ふう子 says :

      Yeah. :< I suppose when an official company picks something like that up they have to be a little more careful about censorship laws and such. It was still very enjoyable to read, though!

    • Suimu says :

      Ahh! I have a question. How much of the content was censored? And.. in what way? I’m thinking about getting the tankoubon but I own the doujinshi already and I’m not sure how much content is in the tankoubon in relation to the doujinshi editions XD.

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