LYNX vol. 37

So on Friday the first part of my order arrived—I got the latest issue of LYNX as well as a couple of my tankoubon. I’m going to wait to talk about the tankoubon at all until I get all of my books (tomorrow) but I figured since I already finished reading LYNX it would be okay to write a post on it even before anything else arrives.

Actually, lately I’ve been toying with the idea of buying less magazines and LYNX was on the list of titles I was thinking I should give up. But after this issue I feel like the reason I buy magazines has been totally revitalized—so many amazing mangaka and great stories all in one place. This issue of LYNX was about 90% things I loved reading and so totally worth the money. I really enjoyed it.

Granted, some of my absolute adoration of this issue could be attributed to the fact that this was the first taste of new material after a long drought of having to reread and reread titles I’ve already read about a million times before. So it was like heaven to have around twenty new chapters thrust into my hands. Around twenty new chapters with great art and cute stories and fabulous characters.

As always, warning for R-18 content. Actually, Sunae Hata’s story was really smutty haha.

First off, the inside cover is Takashima Kazusa’s Shousetsu Lynx illustration. *w* So pretty. To be honest, when I first saw that cover I was thinking “if only I were rich I’d buy that issue just for the cover”—I liked it just that much! So I guess now I don’t have to worry about buying it haha.

Then it’s the anniversary of a new year of publication so they have a bunch of congratulatory comments from mangaka in the beginning. Very cute.

Anyway, anyway—! Onto the actual manga!

First is Umematsu Machie’s new story. I really really like it so far—it’s about an already ‘out’ man who’s dating (and currently staying with the family of) a man who’s still closeted to his family and has a complex about being gay while also nonetheless being the head son of the household. I really love stories that deal with these kinds of issues, so I’m excited to see what direction this goes in. Except this chapter ended in a cliffhanger of the ‘out’ man saying “shouldn’t we break up?” orz;;;; Umematsu that’s just mean.

Takarai Saki’s story is also new. At first I just flipped through it and wasn’t sure what to think, but actually after I really read the first chapter I ended up having my heart clenched in turmoil haha. The general plot is that it’s about a boy, Jeremy, who is in butler training. However, it seems that something he did caused his much-adored master Luke to leave (and also caused a huge scar on his face that he diligently tries to hide at the beginning of the chapter). Now Luke is back and Jeremy wants nothing more than to see and serve him again, but Jeremy is ordered not to show his terrible appearance in front of Luke by the head butler. I ended up falling for Jeremy—he’s such a cute, innocent, sweet character. Perhaps a bit daft but I really adore him already.

Kujou Aoi’s story was one of relationship insecurity and lack of understanding between lovers. To be honest I didn’t really get into it but it was enjoyable enough.

Then it’s Nejiro Seriko! \*w*/ Suuuuper cute art, right? This is her first time in LYNX and it’s also the first time I’m seeing anything from her—her story is really cute, about a boy whose spirit leaves his body at night and the demon he helps who ends up falling for him. And that’s really simplifying it haha. But her character personalities were fun to read and her art is very much my style so I look forward to more form her in the future whenever possible!

Yamano Deco! Her art style seems to have changed a bit, doesn’t it? Or is it just me? Whatever, whatever, it’s still really cute so it doesn’t matter. This story is about a fudanshi, which is always welcome. Sakura is accidentally spotted by a kouhai Jun in the BL section, and to save himself he blurts out “it’s because I’m gay!” Unrealistic, but endearing in a silly way haha. However, it turns out Jun also likes boys—Sakura, in particular, is who he currently has a crush on. So even though Sakura isn’t actually gay they start dating. Could it lead to love?

Misasagi Kumiko interview! Sadly I remember seeing the very first review on her debut tankoubon was only one star, but it seems to have gone up since. I’m glad. /;w;\ I would have felt oddly heartbroken for Misasagi to only get such an icky review on her newest release. Has anyone else read it? Is it cute? I still need to buy my copy.

Momoi John’s color page. I won’t talk about this one since it’s chapter two and I really don’t remember at all what happened in chapter one. orz

Same with Uekawa Kichi. ;w; I have a terrible memory, sorry. I’ll try my best to reread it in full when I’m at home. However, I want to say I really love how polished and pretty Uekawa’s art has become.

After that is Rokuro Kuro’s new story. Her art is really just so pretty, and this story definitely doesn’t disappoint. (Though it’s hard to describe in a short summary since it’s a rather subtle plot. orz) Anyway, after a destined meeting in the snow Fujieda starts seeing a certain boy (whom he calls “ano ko”) watching his friends play basketball from a bench outside the court. Seeing him more often, Fujieda takes notice and it isn’t long before he becomes more and more attached.

I know the way I described it doesn’t sound interesting, but it’s a really cute story! \;w;/ About long-time crushes, silly jealousies and what it really means to start falling in love with someone you know nothing about.

HAJI FUCHIKO!! *A* In a sad way I thought I wouldn’t see her again since she left Cab, but now she’s running in an even more main-stream magazine so she must be doing quite well for herself. I’m happy for her! The story was rather odd, but then again what stories by her aren’t a bit weird?

Katsuragi’s new story is about an ojisan who unwillingly ends up on the receiving end of the affections of a much younger man. Very cute. I don’t know what it is, but something about the atmosphere and art style in Katsuragi’s stories always reminds me of Ogura Muku in a way.

And then, and then—~! Sunae Hata. *w* A continuation of her last story. This time it dealt with Yuuki’s feelings of insecurity over having such a popular, well-liked person fall in love with someone like him. (Though ‘someone like him’ is a bit… orz Yuuki do you not realize how adorable you are??) It has a lot of silly moments and a lot of cute moments. I loved the scene where Yuuki finally went to Tsukasa and admitted that he had fallen in love with him as well. And then that was followed by a sex scene and it was so dirty lmfao. Tsukasa really knows how to utilize the perverted talk during sex, god damn. What’s with mangaka who have sugar-sweet art styles being able to create such dirty sex scenes?!

Kisaragi Kanade’s story is about two coworkers. Kijima hears a rumor that Hayami is selling himself to random men, so to ‘save’ Hayami he buys him for a month. Initially Hayami doesn’t want to hear it, but when Kijima admits that it’s because he’s taken notice of Hayami and might actually fall for him Hayami has no choice but to accept. Many things can happen in the span of a month and love can easily bloom. /o/

Then Mio Junta’s story is about a writer whose only excitement in life is the delivery of food from his favorite restaurant. The delivery boy is just so cute and always forgets something, and his adorable fretting always greatly brightens Makita’s day. So when the delivery boy, Shiba, says he sincerely worries for Makita’s health sometimes Makita can’t help but fall for him a bit. But is there any hope in a relationship between a delivery boy and his customer? Mio Junta’s art has only gotten more and more pretty over time and I thought this was a really great fluff story. \;w;/ So simple and sweet. And Shiba’s wanko-type personality was just too adorable to resist!

As for the last story I’ll talk about, Nixies’ oneshot! This is actually another continuation and I really don’t remember the previous chapter again. orz;; But I still wanted to post pictures because I really love Nixies’ art. Very pretty. This chapter just has your kind of run-of-the-mill relationship troubles and insecurities but still fun to read!

Anyway, as you can see I’ve been suckered into falling for LYNX all over again. orz;; Obviously I’ll be buying the next issue as well, since both Umematsu Machie and Takarai Saki’s stories ended in a terrible, cruel cliffhanger. Takarai Saki’s, in particular. ;w; I don’t want Jeremy to get fired! I love him! Also in the next issue are Sunae Hata, Katsuragi, Miroku Kotoko, Mio Junta, Nimoda Ai and many other great mangaka. Though I think it’s too difficult to try and rival this issue, haha—too many mangaka with art and story styles I like all in one magazine.

But nonetheless, I’m looking forward to it!

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5 responses to “LYNX vol. 37”

  1. Kery says :

    Nixies draws Hetalia doujinshi (Gilbert x Ludwig). One of them made me cry and the rest make me all warm and fluffy inside. She’s also a SUPER NICE LADY.

    • ふう子 says :

      oh wow, does she? Her art is so pretty—I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that she’s also a doujinka. And that’s cool that she’s sweet; did you meet her at a comic con?

      • Kery says :

        Yea I did. But I was emailing her on and off for various matters about a year before I actually met her, and she was sweet right from the beginning. She has very… hmm… motherly? concerns. Well when I support someone, I have to support them beyond their talents (i.e. as people as well) so that’s why I really truly love her :D And I bought both issues of LYNX with her manga in it thanks to your entry, lol.

  2. Chielle says :

    Wow, you were right! All of them were super cute >////<
    Gosh you make me want to buy these BL magazines :__D

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