Jaryuu Dokuro cover

Seemingly just seconds after the release was even announced, Jaryuu Dokuro posted the tankoubon cover to her blog.

Like I already said on tumblr, I’m pretty pleased with the cover. Even though some people who’re reading it for the first time might be a bit spoiled on the story to realize Chiba isn’t on the cover and it’s instead Hagi. But I think it would be too bittersweet and sad to have Chiba on the cover anyway—it’s already a somewhat melancholy illustration.

I assume the tankoubon will consist of Yakozen (of course) and Chishiryoubun no Ai wo Komete. That’s about a tankoubon worth of stories right there, and I’m not sure if Jaryuu Dokuro has been in drap for anything other than those? I guess we’ll just have to see.

Anyway, drap has also not announced their releases all the way up to September! Guess who their September release is? Chidori Peko! \*w*/ So awesome.

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4 responses to “Jaryuu Dokuro cover”

  1. nomanlive says :

    Oh my God, the shadow makes those two look like real people. This cover is amazing… so distinctive…!

  2. Khursten says :

    OMG! CHIDORI PECO IS ON DRAP NOW! *A*) THIS I WANT TO SEE!! >w<) I actually haven't seen Chidori Peco outside of her Reborn doujin. Does she have a tankoubon out?

    • ふう子 says :

      As far as I know this will be her first original tankoubon release. She has been running in drap for quite a while so I’m happy they’re finally releasing an actual book for her!

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