Super Comi

So far I haven’t really seen any other mangaka mentioning projects for Super Comi, but Kojima Lalako is releasing an original doujinshi for it and it looks suuuuuper cute!

An original doujinshi continuation of her two manga recently released, Iya yo Yamete yo and Kimi to Parade. (And perhaps a small bit on Neko no Yomeiri as well.) It looks absolutely adorable. Also, it seems she changed her circle name—or, at least, is using a different one for her original releases.

Anyway, she posted about it here with some sample pages as well! I’m really hoping she posts it somewhere online as well, since she has a tendency to do that and I don’t want to miss out. ;w;


2 responses to “Super Comi”

  1. sringangel says :

    I thought her circle has always been DECOTICA? @_@;;;
    What was her old one?

    • ふう子 says :

      most of her Hetalia doujinshi that I own or have seen is published under her circle name “mime” and it also used to be the name of her website. But it seems even most of her blog/site at this point has been renamed to “DISCOTICA”.

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