today in release announcements.

So there are quite a few interesting releases coming up and I thought I’d just do a quickie!post for them here.

June 24
Ishino Aya “Amanojaku no Koi”

June 25
Enjin Yamimaru “Voice or Noise 4”

June 27
Naono Boura “Circle”
Takao Hiroi “Sangatsu Boujitsu, Kuma wo Hirotta”

June 30
Ogasawara Uki “Black Sun Doreiou 2”
Komizu Kiyo “Karada Meate de Warui ka”

I know someone in the comments was excited about Ogasawara’s release? Well, here it is—her tankoubon for the completion of Black Sun. Actually, iirc Ogasawara also currently has something new running in CRAFT already?

Personally I’m reaaaaaaally excited for the Takao Hiroi’s tankoubon release! It feels like it’s been way way too long since I’ve read something new by her. \*w*/ I’m ready for more!

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12 responses to “today in release announcements.”

  1. Dany says :

    I’m more excited about Ishino Aya “Amanojaku no Koi”
    <3 <3 <3
    thank you for the news!!! \o/
    and for the HQ scans too! :)

  2. Snakey says :

    Voice or Noise 4!! I didn’t see this on Chara website when I checked recently… thanks for the update! I honestly don’t know what’s happening in the series anymore, but I keep reading for the cute and the sweet and the ART v

    End of June… still a long wait to go!

    • ふう子 says :

      It was probably just recently announced since Asunaro only added it to her release line-up yesterday! tbh when I was following Chara I also totally lost track of what in the world was going on with “Voice or Noise” haha. orz;; But it’s still interesting in a weird “….wait what??” sort of way!

      Luckily time passes quickly in the world of BL manga! :>

  3. kokiden says :

    Love both Ishino Aya and Takao Hiroi! <3

    • ふう子 says :

      Excited for both their releases! *w* If I recall correctly some of the stories Ishino Aya released for Rutile were pretty awesome, so her book she be great!

  4. mango says :

    yay that was me dying to see volume 2 of black sun ^^ Can’t wait for it to be released<3 I really want to read the ending! roars ty for the info!

  5. sringangel says :

    Enjin Yamimaru “Voice or Noise 4″ <======== OMG WHERE HAVE U BEEN ALL MY LIFE <33333333333333333333

  6. 2old4yaoi says :

    So it is confirmed that Black Sun will be the conclusion to the series then? I am so glad. Have been waiting for it for a long time. I love the series. I saw it on preorder at but they have no deadline there either. I hope it will not slip & the license will be up for grab pretty soon for 801 Media. A shame it took so long though that causes the vol 1 to be OOP in US except for the digital copies.

    • ふう子 says :

      ummm it’s hard to say for sure since sometimes BL manga are continued based off popularity even when they were intended to stay down to a certain length, but the last chapter of Black Sun that ran in HertZ did say it was the end chapter!

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