News on Castle Mango

Ogura Muku updated her blog today! Very exciting, since she almost neeeeever updates. Mostly she just talked about her upcoming releases, including Castle Mango‘s first volume. I actually have a lot of trouble reading her blog, since she speaks so formally. =w=;; Perhaps I should work on brushing up my keigo.

But!! One thing I did understand (or… I hope so? Please correct me if I got it wrong! orz;;;) is that Castle Mango will now be released in every volume of Cab! Yesssss, we no longer have to wait four months for every chapter! \;A;/ No more crying myself to sleep over terrible cliff-hangers that will take almost half a year to wrap up!

This starts in the next volume—not the one coming out this month, but the one that will be released in June!

Come on you two, please get together properly soon so I can stop worrying. /;w;\


2 responses to “News on Castle Mango”

  1. yui says :

    Hiii! I just read volume one of Castle Mango and fell in love! I was wondering if you knew if volume 2 has been released in Japan? I know volume 1 has been released in the states and just curious if they will keep Castle Mango alive. Thanks for your time!

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