Canna upcoming release previews.

So Canna twitter is kind of snazzy and generally when they have an upcoming release they’ll post a ‘preview’ image with the multiple versions of the tankoubon covers before they’re chosen and sent for printing. It’s pretty fun, since it feels vaguely more interactive than waiting for the tankoubon cover to come out and then you finally get to see it and that’s it. Like you actually get to take part (granted, just as a voyeur) in part of the book creation process.

They posted the covers for the May releases a while back, but I’m just seeing them now haha. Kind of slow on the twitter uptake, sorry. orz;;;

Both covers are so pretty! I’m really excited. *w* For Hanamori Mito’s I prefer the one with the white background, but for Achi Harufumi’s I like the cute approach with the yellow and blue stars! But I guess we’ll just have to wait a while longer to see which covers were officially chosen~

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2 responses to “Canna upcoming release previews.”

  1. mango says :

    For both I like the top right hand corner :)

    The first book I think the characters are more emphasized if there were no colored background compared the the blue and pink the plain background is better

    For the second book I like the nice blue bed under the characters its very pretty :)

    This is fun! I never knew they actually print a lot of covers before they pic one! That is pretty awesome! They should just print two covers as a special gift! Usually animate limited editions give you two different versions of the bookcovers which I always like to buy the animated limited edition for this reason ^^


    • ふう子 says :

      The bed one for Achi Harufumi’s is also cute, I agree!

      I didn’t know, either, until Canna started posting them. I suppose it makes sense, though, from a design POV—they want to have many options to see which will work best. It would be fun if they’d publish more than one cover but I would go broke trying to get them all haha.

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