Castle Mango & Cab

I changed my layout. I figured going almost a year and a half with the same dark, dreary-looking layout was pushing it a bit. If I plan on keeping this blog for a while longer then I should probably change it up a bit every once in a while.

Personal crap no one cares about aside, though—! What is going on in BL manga lately?

THAT’S RIGHT. THE COVER FOR VOLUME ONE OF CASTLE MANGO. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet aside from the general overall excitement of “oh my god Castle Mango tankoubon oh my god oh my god oh my goddddddsdgl;skgs”. The dead animals in the background are kind of creeping me out. ;; But also ahhhhhh CAB! This is the two-year anniversary issue! Oh man I can’t believe its been two years already.

Also, speaking of Cab and thus Est Em, she’s releasing a tankoubon through Citron in June! Happy End Apartment! Mark your calendars! Also exciting is Kusama Sakae’s upcoming June release through BexBoy, Ou-sama no Bed. “The king’s bed.” Any BL manga with ‘bed’ in the title always seems like a promise of excessive pornographic content so I’m fascinated. Though this is Kusama Sakae and she might be playing a trick on me… orz;;;; Watch it actually end up being a very serious, dramatic, touching manga with no sex scenes whatsoever.

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13 responses to “Castle Mango & Cab”

  1. Tanko says :

    Awww, I love Bueno template. ^^ Everybody changing layouts… so nice to see.

    • ふう子 says :

      It’s really cute! I’m surprised to find a wordpress template I liked, since I remember it being very difficult when I first started this blog haha.

  2. merly says :

    hmm seems to have to scroll down alot more though

  3. myluv2pop says :

    Love the new format! So cute ^_^

    And AHH! Castle Mango is finally getting a release AND a new release from Kusama Sakae?! This post is just too amazing for words! I just hope my wallet can take the hit…

  4. mango says :

    HINO Garasu’s new book with drap is GORGEOUS!@!!!!!!!!$#!@#!$


    :) it comes out 4/25 but I think you already know<3

  5. nomanlive says :

    Oh my God!!! Ogura sensei’s Castle Mango!!! Will it come out 4/25? Or we can buy it when?

  6. sillygrl1990 says :

    Thanks for the information!

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