Equus and everything that is beautiful in the world.

So. The cover for the latest issue of onBLUE has been revealed.

Truth be told, earlier I was putting my order for this month together (I am a fan of being very organized, not gonna lie) and was thinking “errr I should cut some of these anthologies” since anthologies are quite expensive (around $10 per book eeeek!) and on even months I get about five of them. And since Cab, Citron and Canna have a history on my bookshelf, I was thinking “…maybe onBLUE? Maybe I don’t need that one? ;w; Maybe?” But now that I’ve seen the cover…


You know how these things work. Also, it’s another glaring reminder that Kumota Haruko is in it again and I loooooved her story from onBLUE volume one. And Yamanaka Hiko. And Hideyoshiko. And Koiwazurai Shibito. But not just that, the contributers for tribute art and essays for Est Em include a pretty much all-star lineup. Especially Aniya Yuiji, Kumota Haruko and Psyche Delico—three of my favorite mangaka. Boooo onBLUE, you really know how to steal my cash. ;;

And then on the Comic Natalie page that linked this, the cover for Est Em’s Equus was also posted. (You might want to grab a bag to hyperventilate into because it’s just that breathtaking. /bad joke)

A pretty huge artistic difference from Hatarake, right? Est Em, is there anything you can’t do? Is there? Not to mention it’s just all-around beautiful—like an old classical painting.

sob Est Em, thank you for existing. orz;;; Excuse me while I just sit and stare at your tankoubon cover for an hour.


9 responses to “Equus and everything that is beautiful in the world.”

  1. Kery says :

    …………………………………. I am nosebleeding at the cover for onBLUE vol.2.

    Nevermind that exams start tomorrow, if I don’t pre-order this right now I won’t be able to sleep in peace tonight. orz

  2. Kuro says :

    Oh my god. I should have grabbed that paper bag while I could. How can art be THIS gorgeous??!

  3. cheezy says :


    *Ahem* D: *stuffs onBLue 2 into the basket* It’s a no brainer, onBlue is a must get!! I wonder if Bk1 allows me to stuff that into my previous order? I don’t want to wait for yesasia to get their shit together again. ;A;

  4. chou says :

    You wouldn’t happen to know if Equus has, er… explicit centaur smex in it, would you?

    I try to be very careful what I order from Japan so as not to needlessly offend any customs people who might want to look through my packages. Everything I’ve ever read by est em has been all between consenting obvious adults, so I figured her manga would be totally safe. But now my two est em manga are held up at customs and I’m feeling very paranoid. I never even thought about the possibility of centaur smex despite the beautiful hand-holding on the cover- it never would have occurred to me…. sigh.

    • ふう子 says :

      ack that sucks. 8( But yes, there are some sexual scenes in Equus. There isn’t really anything too raunchy, but there are sex scenes that include both the human characters and the centaur characters and sometimes both at the same time.

      Hopefully it’s nothing big that’s causing customs to hold onto your package. 8( Try not to worry too much!

      • chou says :

        Yeah- like you say, hopefully it’s fine. Why didn’t I think to ask *before* I ordered it, lol?

        Well, I spose it’s nice to know there’s still something left I’m still naive about, lol.


      • chou says :

        My copy of Equus came- missing it’s entire original package, in a DHL courier envelope, lol. But otherwise no issues.

        And man, is it gorgeous. It’s so beautiful in fact that I’m going to scanlate it. And you’re right, except for one panel that was a bit much for me, the smex scenes were pretty tasteful.

        Thanks for the reassurance. :-)

        • ふう子 says :

          I’m glad it arrived for you! Isn’t it a gorgeous book? And that’s great to hear you’ll be scanlating it—I’m sure all the non-Japanese-speaking Est Em fans will definitely rejoice!

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