HertZ band 43

So yesterday my package came in the mail! \*A*/ To be honest, I was very very excited about HertZ. For about ten days until it was finally released, I checked the website every day hoping that the new cover would be posted soon. I really think HertZ is probably my favorite anthology. So many amazing stories in every issue.

vague warning for R-18 images.

First, of course, was Kano Shiuko’s story! *w*

I don’t think I say it enough, but I love Kano Shiuko a lot. For some reason I just really enjoy her stories and even though I used to dislike her art I’ve really come to adore it over time. Anyway, as expected, I found this story to be quite lovely. It was about a boy who has a ‘stalker’ and so the man he met from work (and incidentally has a crush on) says they can be pretend!lovers to disillusion the stalker and make her go away. But both men are hiding a lot of their feelings—a wall that crumbles as they get closer and closer. Where does ‘pretending’ end and being true lovers start? Also, I loved the uke a lot because he looks like a dark-haired Kouta haha. And the sex scene was excellent!

The advertisement for Kojima Lalako’s Neko no Yomeiri! \o/

Next is Kinoshita Keiko’s story. For some reason I don’t read this one very closely. It feels like maybe I’m hoping for a scanlation of it or something. Even though I’d probably be able to understand everything if I read it closely, I’d feel like I’d get too frustrated if I put a lot of effort into reading it when the main character just keep floundering in his feelings haha.

By Ogawa Chise. *w* I really really like this story so far! It’s about two boys, Shuu and Chitose, who share a room at what seems to be a private high school. Chitose is always bringing girls into their room to make out even when Shuu is there, causing Shuu to have to ignore it by cranking up the music on his headphones. But it’s hard to ignore. Supposedly Chitose used to not be like this—so loose with women, constantly inviting them to his room. But later in the chapter we’re able to see what changed him. Perhaps it’s actually all Shuu’s fault after all. Anyway sdl;gj;sdgs;lkdf super excited for chapter two! So glad she’s in the next volume as well.

Himawari Souya’s story about a loose bartender and the customer who is always worrying about him. Rather cute. At one point the customer, Eiki, says “but if anyone will do, why not pick me?” A cliche line but it gets me every time.

This story was rather odd but interesting—by Aoi Aki. Her art is so so pretty. This is her first time in HertZ, I think, so a fun treat! A story about sleeping and fish and secret love for your best friend.

d;glslgs Konno Satomi!!! She’s back! \*A*/ I was so worried that her book would maybe not sell as well as they’d wished it to and she wouldn’t be invited back to contribute to HertZ again, but she’s back! This one is a multi-chapter cute story about rivals in the real estate business! It’s always so annoying when your rival is a handsome, suave gentleman who is always constantly passive-aggressively hitting on you!

The latest chapter of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Mad Cinderella! sob the sex scene got interrupted with the introduction of a new character. /;w;\

Chapter two of Kojima Lalako’s story. ;; This chapter is about Yuzuru and Ryousuke when they were younger, and is actually quite sad. Poor Ryousuke. I don’t know who I’m supposed to cheer for in this manga when it comes to Yuzuru’s lover—Ashiya who is mysterious and vaguely creepy and who raped poor Yuzuru, or Ryousuke who grew up with Yuzuru and loves him wholeheartedly but secretly in the shadows. Ughhhh. I wish I understood the actual plot portions of this manga better. This story is already really good but I feel like it would be so much better if my Japanese weren’t so crappy. orz;;;

Part two of Natsumizu Ritsu’s story. Poor Shinohara ran home crying. 8( But since it’s the final part, of course they were able to make up and they had sex and it was fabulous. ~the end~ But I really enjoyed reading it, of course. I don’t think I’ve read much by Natsumizu Ritsu before, and I really like her art.

Chapter four of Kamo Nabako’s story. So many misunderstandings between this couple ahhhh. orz

Chapter three of Kanai Kei’s story, but know what’s awkward? I don’t even remember there being two previous chapters haha. orz;; I fail at properly reading my books, evidently. But I figured the panty shot would be some good fanservice for those who read this post, so…

Chapter two of Minazuki Akira’s story!!! \;A;/ Finally! I really loved the first chapter and then she was supposed to be in the next volume as well, but then she ended up skipping two issues of HertZ. So now, half a year later, I finally get to read chapter two haha. This story is a big case of “only in fiction is that okay”—the seme is so so so pushy to the point where it’s kind of uncomfortable, but for some reason in this story it’s oddly romantic? I don’t get why things work that way. Their relationship isn’t doing so good, since he pretty much raped Yoshinaga at the bathhouse. :/ Control yourself, bro.

ahhhh THIS COUPLE IS THE WORST. Hakumokuren is becoming so frustrating to read. ;; Every time you think they are getting closer, something happens to pull them apart. At this moment, I’m not even so sure Shiina and Nagi are dating anymore, but Shiina has at least realized that he’s in love with male!Nagi. But the problem is that he doesn’t realize male!Nagi is actually the one wearing the dress most of the time—that the male!Nagi who catches his attention and the female!Nagi who he’s always loved are one and the same. Poor guy is so confused. At this point I feel bad for him and wish Nagi would just stop floundering and tell Shiina that he and his sister have been switching places. But now Nagi’s sister is, as a male, dating Akira. I’m hoping that’s finally the straw that breaks the camel’s back—maybe Shiina, who is also in love with male Nagi, will finally take the steps needed to accept it once he hears his best friend is dating the boy he’s in love with. (Though actually Akira is dating a girl d;gljs;gs’sdgs lmfao this manga is so confusing to talk about!)

Some Aoi Levin for you because her art is so pretty, even though I don’t read this story.

Aaaaaaand, that’s it for the ones I’ll personally be talking about! \o/

No Minazuki Akira, Konno Satomi or Kojima Lalako in the next issue. ;w; But Minase Masara is coming back, along with Komizu Kiyo. (Whose tankoubon release supposedly has been pushed way back…) Thank goodness there will be more Hakumokuren because I can’t stand this stand-still that Shiina and Nagi are currently at. And of course I am also happy about more Aoi Aki and Ogawa Chise. As always, band 44 should be a great volume to look forward to!

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9 responses to “HertZ band 43”

  1. cheezy says :

    Aoi Aki’s short looks so surreal and whimsical, and I love looking at drawings of koi, they’re just so pretty. Looking forward to see more of the mangaka’s work. *_*!!

    Kojima Lalako’s story sounds so sad ;A;~ Got to wait for a long time before I’ll get to read it though, thanks for the review!

    I didn’t buy Konno Satomi’s book ’cause the cover’s art doesn’t look like something I’d go for. But the drawing seems different for this new series. *_* Maybe I’ll buy that tank to see what’s in there and support sensei!

    MINAZUKI AKIRAAAAA *Gyaaaaaahs!* Lol, her seme are always so pushy. It’s like whenever the uke does something cute, the seme will just push him down and screw him senseless. XD!!

    And, omg, I want Hakumokuren volume 2 to be out soon, but doesn’t seem like it’s going to come out till the end of the year. :( Volume 1 left the readers in a very very very bad cliffhanger. *dies* I shall skip your little review for that chapter ’cause I’ll make me go, FUCKKK NEED MOREEEEEEE!! The temptation…

    • ふう子 says :

      It really is! Lots of floaty fix and dreams and abstract thinking. I didn’t read it as closely as a could have but still enjoyed it a lot.

      Her story really is rather sad. 8( At this point it’s so hard to tell who Yuzuru is supposed to end up with—Ashiya isn’t gentle with Yuzuru but he’s the one Yuzuru was actually attracted to, but Ryousuke is kind of like the Nice Guy who never gets a second glance sobbb. ;; Damn this shoujo-y romance set-up! I hope Ryousuke chews Ashiya out after seeing Yuzuru crying in his sleep after what happened. Damn Ashiya sdl;gj;sdlgs

      Actually, Konno Satommi’s art hasn’t changed from this chapter since her last book. At least, I don’t think so. If you want, I could share some photos of her tankoubon? but idk, I may be biased because I really love her art haha.

      rofl pretty much. I also remembered that about the seme in the first story from Konya—very pushy even when the uke wasn’t interested. Ehhhh now I feel like rereading it.

      hahaha you probably shouldn’t read my review either way. orz;;; It’s so garbled because it’s difficult to write a review for a story where the characters are constantly changing genders. But yeah, the current situation in Hakumokuren isn’t much better than the cliffhanger from volume one. So frustrating, those two.

  2. mango says :

    omg I know Aoi Aki! She draws hetalia doujinshi but none of then are even close to anything over PG. I think only one of her many doujinshi is R-15 so I’m pretty surprised she is now doing manga in hertz? Is her story explicit?

    Btw, I know you don’t mention anything about OGASAWARA Uki, but did Black Sun really end in Hertz? Does it mention anything about the artist starting anything new or maybe when volume 2 will be printed ^^ v

    I use to not like Kano Shiuko’s art either but I loved her sex scenes so so much I still enjoyed it very much. Did you buy Wild Card? It’s her new artbook. It’s amazing I love it! I’ve grown to like the faces of her characters ^^ Especially the more recent series she draws for example Kouta in Punch up I liked a lot! ^^

    thanks for the nice treat!

    • ふう子 says :

      ahhh really? Her art is really pretty! But no, her story is not explicit at all—only a kiss scene and some hand-holding and sexual tension haha. A lot of stories in HertZ are actually pretty tame.

      Ogasawara Uki’s Black Sun finished in the last volume of HertZ at twelve chapters. As of yet, there hasn’t been any announcement of a tankoubon release—the only tankoubon releases announced through HertZ currently, iirc, are Minase Masara’s and then the Komizu Kiyo one that’s currently on hold. Maybe this month they’ll announce Ogasawara’s?

      Kano Shiuko’s sex scenes are really great! And no, I haven’t bought Wild Card. I haven’t really been able to afford any particularly expensive books lately, sadly. I did see that it got really great reviews, though! But yeah, I really love her character designs more and more lately. It’s like they’re becoming softer than they used to be.

      • mango says :

        yea Kano Shiuko’s art definitely looks different compared to her eariler works. Her ukes now actually look like ukes :)

        Well I feel more willing to spend on artbooks because its simply beautiful art and plus I do buy a lot of manga but I can’t read them like you can so I try not to spend too much money on them and instead indulge on the artbooks when they come out :( I also buy a lot of doujinshi but I consider them rare species compared to manga since they go out of print quickly. Doujinshi is highly expensive so it’s pretty much killing me! I do recommend buying Wild card! It has a couple pages of manga mixing a couple of characters from different series. It’s pretty much gag chapter.

        I do look forward to Ogasawara Uki’s black sun volume 2 … I hope it gets printed soon_< Maybe she is tired of mangas :(

        Anyways keep the updates coming ^^ I always to your blog to check out what new titles I should buy!

        • ふう子 says :

          haha they do! I like that kind of soft look, though.

          That’s understandable. For me, my Japanese is no-where near perfect but I usually get by okay so I prefer to spend money on stories. I have a bad habit of buying artbooks, looking through them once and just shelving them. But maybe when I have some extra cash I’ll put in an order for Kano Shiuko’s artbook!

          I think printing depends more on what the publisher can handle at any given moment. Most lines only announce one or two publications for every month or so. So I’m sure in a few months HertZ will announce a release date for Ogasawara’s book!

          And thank you very much! <3

  3. chou says :

    Wow- what an awesome issue, huh? I adore both Kano Shiuko and Kinoshita Keiko. And I’ve really been enjoying Koyoi Omae To, even though, like you, I haven’t been taking the time to follow the plot exactly- for some reason it’s like what you said, I think I keep hoping someone will scanlate it, lol.

    I wonder how hard it would be to scanlate… It doesn’t look that bad, although sometimes it’s impossible to tell. Yoneda Kou never looks bad either and then is just awful.

    Man, the Hari no Hana chapter is gorgeous again as usual this month too… although even more freaking impossible to read than normal.

    > the seme is so so so pushy to the point where it’s kind of uncomfortable,
    > but for some reason in this story it’s oddly romantic? I don’t get why
    > things work that way.

    Yeah, it’s weird, huh? In most of my favorite stories at least one of the two protagonists has a personality I’d never put up with for a second in RL.

    • ふう子 says :

      It was! Haha I’m glad I’m not the only person who does that with Kinoshita Keiko’s chapters! I feel bad to not read them more closely because I’m sure it’s a great story but somehow all the going back and forth confuses me and I lose track of the string of events. orz;;;

      Sometimes even the most simple stories are the hardest to translate, I think. Though the ones I always have most difficulty with are the fantasy/historical stories ughhh. ;w;

      In most of my favorite stories at least one of the two protagonists has a personality I’d never put up with for a second in RL.
      that’s how it is for me too. Actually, most of the scenes I see in BL manga are very much scenes I wouldn’t want to put up with in real life haha. I guess that’s the magic of fantasy—you get all of the enjoyment without any of the baggage!

  4. Slay says :

    I was just wondering for you knew which HertZ have the Houyou Jikken by Ogasawara

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