my other crush.

Now it’s time for me to talk about Ootsuki Miu again.

For one, I wasn’t sure if she would contribute an illustration for Libre’s Ganbare series since she rarely publishes anything under Libre. (Only for JUNK!BOY if I recall correctly.) But sure enough, when I got on and checked it this morning, there was a little illustration and message from her:

Really gorgeous!

Then on Kijitora’s blog she posted about the latest issue of drap and, very exciting, supposedly Ootsuki Miu’s Familiar is going to continue!! \*A*/ My kyoudai doushi (kind of) story by Ootsuki Miu!! I was hoping and hoping and hoping and hoping for Ootsuki Miu to continue with this one and was getting more and more downtrodden since Ootsuki hasn’t been in the past few issues of drap, so I’m absolutely ecstatic at the mere thought.

Speaking of Ootsuki Miu, I’ve been rereading a book or two of hers every night. As stated in that post, evidently I am preparing for PLAYZONE to get officially released. (The preorder page is already up, by the way!!) Last night I reread Ai dano Koi dano and Ukkari Cherry. Very enjoyable.  \( ̄ω ̄ )/ All hail the queen!


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