my crush.

yeah okay so maybe I talked about Kojima Lalako already a little bit today but. Still.

First off, congratulations to her on her first ever tankoubon release today!!! This is a very big day! A day Kojima Lalako’s fans have been waiting a loooooong time for! She updated her blog about it but the real cuteness happened all over twitter, in which every time someone congratulated her she would reply in the most adorable manner (for example, her reply to Hirakita Yuya and also her reply to me) thanking people for their support and just being very sweet and excited about her very first tankoubon. She is just so lovely. \*A*/ I hope it sells a miiiiillion copies! More than One Piece, even!!

But also, Chill Chill posted up the covers for Libre’s April releases, which means—

—crying ahhhh IT IS SO CUTE. unbearable! I can’t look at it without getting flustered! /;A;\ How about we fast-forward to April 9th so I can just have this in my hands now?

Also I guess everyone might be interested in the cover for the new Finder tankoubon (though everyone who cares has probably already seen it elsewhere), and another one I’m personally really excited for is Est Em’s Hatarake, Centaurus. So cute. *w* The tie around his head is a nice touch. Very businessman-like!!

Umm… what else. Inariya Fusanosuke is going to YaoiCon. HertZ still hasn’t posted their cover. Still no cover for Junko, either. Also broke my March order into six shipments so the DHL guy is probably going to make fun of me again this month. But the fact that Kojima Lalako exists makes all the blahhh parts of the day go away, so that’s fine. orz

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10 responses to “my crush.”

  1. Midnightveil says :

    SO CUTE!! Whaaat first they get Jo Chen then Yamane Ayano and now Fusanosuke Inariya?? And in Toronto they’re having Basso… sigh I wish I lived in the US!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha sadly even if you live in the US it’s not very exciting since it’s such a huge country that if you don’t live in the relative area that the con is taking place, you still can’t go unless you have a lot of money for a plane ticket. But to have Basso, that’s a really interesting guest of honor!

      • Midnightveil says :

        That’s cos the Toronto Comic Arts Festival is helmed by the one and only Chris Butcher… technically its Natsume Ono but i think BL fans would gladly welcome her as Basso too >_<

        • ふう子 says :

          I had to look up who Chris Butcher is haha. But yeah, it understandable that she wouldn’t go as Basso unless she was specifically going to a BL/fujoshi-related con.

  2. cheezy says :

    O.O Inariya-sensei’s coming?! Omg, I’ve been skipping out of yaoi-con even though I live in SF ’cause seriously, I’m just too lazy to even bother taking the train down. Damn, it’s so tempting, don’t tempt me, gah!

    :( I should order from amazon or bk1 now. Yesasia’s taking its own sweet time waiting for stocks. ;A; I want Kojima Lalako’s book now! *Spams sensei’s twitter with bad Japanese*

    Oh, that Est Em book, is it part of her Gallop series? She has one in Feel Young too if I’m not mistaken, other than her Udon no Hito series, must read that one for the sake of udon.

    • ふう子 says :

      uwaaa lucky! Though in reality I’d probably be too shy to go to YaoiCon even if I lived around there haha. I’d want to go just to see what she looks like, since so many mangaka make a huge mystery of their actual appearance—it would be fun to actually get to see them!

      that sucks that yesasia is taking so long. :< That's one of the few perks about and BK1—they stock everything in a very efficient manner. Though it hasn't been that way so much this month. Possibly complications due to the earthquake and tsunami. Actually nothing from my March order has shipped yet; not even the books released earlier in March have even been put under 'shipping soon'. orz;;;;;

      It is! It's the one from Kurofune Zero iirc. I'll probably cave and buy it because I'm too impatient to wait for the version from BexBoy Gold haha.

      • cheezy says :

        ;A; I’m too stingy to pay for tickets to go for cons though. I rather use the money to buy more manga, I can buy quite a lot for the price. Man, going to yaoicon alone’s kinda sad too… The people I usually rave about BL with isn’t staying very close to me. *sniff*

        ;( I didn’t order from BK1 ’cause they said there’ll be delays in stock, I thought I could trust yesasia to do their thing but they haven’t even ship my first order from the beginning of the month yet. D: They’re still waiting for Boku no Anoko and Neko no Yomeiri.

        XD That Gallop series’s everywhere. I think her recent few blog post has all the sketches of those lovely drawings too. Isn’t kurofune and bexboy all under libre? Does that mean the content of the books will be the same?

        • ふう子 says :

          haha same! I was actually thinking about it the other day in the shower and it occurred to me that even if I had the money to get a plane ticket to California the only reason I would want to go to YaoiCon anyway would be for the dealers room and to see the special guest (and… well… kind of also because I don’t have any RL friends who like BL so it would be interesting to meet some new people) so it would just be smarter to save my money and instead put it toward the huge backlog of BL manga I can’t afford in my regular monthly purchase. /o\ But I did ask my sister once “would you go with me if I wanted to go to YaoiCon?” and she just side-eye’d at me for a minute before simply saying “NO” rofl.

          Hopefully they’ll get everything in stock soon! :<

          I heard that the bexboy one is actually BL whereas the Kurofune Zero one is regular josei, but I'm not sure since I've only read the first chapter of the Kurofune version so far. It's interesting to imagine how she could make a proper BL story out of this haha. But it's a really charming story, I think.

  3. cheezy says :

    XD Pft, my sister will hijack a plane just to go to yaoi con if it’s legal. Sadly she’s so far away from me right now in another country…Sigh… Well, if I do end up going (which I doubt I will), I’ll be sure to stalk those mangaka for you and spam you with picture or something. :D!

    Yesasia’s been getting spams from me every week. I wonder if I should send them a mail everyday just to spite them XD!

    O.o BL with half-man, half-horse? *mind wonders into other territory* D: Wouldn’t that be something. Nothing’s gonna beat Kasai Ayumi’s Otoko no Hanamichi in terms of WTF factor just yet. XD! You’ve talked me into getting the Kurofune one now. *_*

    • ふう子 says :

      Sadly my sister is the ‘modest’ type. Even though she’s older than me she won’t take my BL recommendations if there’s anything more than kissing. So she’d probably just flat-out be too embarrassed to go to an 18+ event, especially since it’s an event for a genre that’s sexual in nature 99% of the time. /o\

      hahaha I say annoy them as much as possible until they ship your order!

      Pretty much my thought exactly. Like “ehhhh that’s a cute premise but I hope they never have sex!!” orz;;; Please no horse/man sexual activity. Sadly I’ve never read Otoko no Hanamichi so I have nothing to compare it to, but it’s still plenty weird to me haha.

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