the good & the bad

I woke up this morning and checked asunaro (yes, the first thing I do in the morning is check BL release news) and I have one amazing piece of news that’s so awesome it felt like I was still dreaming and then two pieces of news that make the world slightly less rose-tinted.

First off, the amazing piece of news:

Finally, finally, Junet is releasing the Ootsuki Miu tankoubon I’ve been hoping for since about two years ago when I first accidentally got the last chapter of Docchi no Darling? and could not for the life of me find the old BOY’S Pierce volumes to complete the story. I’ve been pretty much burning to read the first chapters of that story. And the extra. And I also want to know why she’s done artwork for it that looked very threesome-y.

And then, you know, there’s just the fact that it would finally be an Ootsuki Miu tankoubon release for this year. Considering how much that woman releases in the magazines, she sure hasn’t been releasing tankoubon after tankoubon like she usually does. And since she’s my lovely goddess the BL world feels so empty without her around. ;;

But of course, this also came with some bad news attached:

Two releases I was incredibly excited about for next month have been moved out into the unforeseeable future. For me, Uchida Tsuchi’s is particularly upsetting if only because I do not buy any magazines from Hanaoto and so the last book I was able to read by her was Ookami Shounen. And I loved that book and from the bits and pieces I’ve been able to see it seems like her art has become even more pretty so I’m heartbroken that her release has evidently been pushed back so far that they aren’t even sure of a new date for it.

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