‘short reviews’ strikes back

Sorry, I’ve been sick! ;w; So with a terrible migraine it hasn’t been the best time to read foreign languages. But I’ve been taking the time to get caught up with scanlations, so I figured I may as well talk about those.

♔ → Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun by Hideyoshico. I actually own this book, but for some reason I put off reading it forever and ever because supposedly there are reviews out there saying it’s barely even a BL story. Which was kind of a boner killer, since as much as I nonetheless also like non-BL stories it always kind of sucks when you go into a story expecting it to be BL only to have it be… like… a generic friendship story or something. Those are great and all—but only when that’s what you’re expecting. And after reading the first four scanlated chapters (and then finishing the final chapter in my own book) I must say that I do understand the ‘not really BL’ statement. But it hovers enough on the edge that I don’t feel disappointed. It’s a really cute story and I enjoyed the flow it had to it a lot. Also, Hideyoshico’s art in general is just hnnngg. I found Hikaru to be so cute—kind of the my-pace, spoiled, doesn’t-know-how-to-express-himself type.

♔ → Chikatetsu no Inu by Kusama Sakae. Another one that I own. orz;;; But this one I really tried reading! I did, I swear! But for some reason I had a lot of trouble? idk. Thank goodness it’s getting scanlated because it’s really much more enjoyable when I can understand it fully. Plus I was able to browse through my own book again afterward and understood it so much better without the frustration of “bawwww why don’t I understand all this dialogue at the beginning?!?! /;A;\” What can I even say about this other than “it’s by Kusama Sakae”. I think that’s probably the biggest compliment you can give a book right there. I love Shinoda the moe flustered businessman and their coupling set-up is so nice. Really gentle couples like this one are always my favorite—not too dramatic without being boring. I’m excited to read all the other chapters as they’re translated as well. :>

♔ → Hyakujitsu no Bara by Inariya Fusanosuke. I was a year behind on this without realizing. To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with Inariya—while dark sexual tension might be some people’s cup of tea, I’m personally not all that keen on a mangaka who, 99% of the time, writes her sex scenes as rape scenes. Can’t we have a little actual romance? Just a teeny tiny bit? And she also mainly does military-themed stories and if there’s one things I generally want to stay away from it’s military/army/war-based ideas. But I still keep up with Hyakujitsu. (…kinda.) And to be honest I went into getting caught up today thinking “nothing new will happen, same old war talk, maybe a rape flashback or two…” but I was actually really happy to see some valid romantic interaction? Like, seriously? \;A;/ Inariya, thank you! They had sex and it was consensual and loving (and hot)! Also, this scene was so pretty it almost felt like my heart stopped when I saw it.

♔ → Dounika Naru Hibi by Shimura Takako. This is actually a multiple-sexuality collection of josei oneshots, but since there are some gay-related stories I figured it would be okay if I talked about it nonetheless. I really really loved this book—a big collection of different types of sexualities that didn’t make any judgments or anything but instead just told the stories as they were. So interesting! It would be hard for me to name a favorite; I could go on and on about each story forever. But since this is a BL blog I’d better stick to talking about those oneshots. There were two ‘gay’ related stories—one with a teacher at an all-boys school who wanted to be confessed to by one of his students at least once and so when it finally happened he was on could nine. A story with a very happy-go-lucky feel to it.  The second is about two male twins, one of which is gay and the other is not. Still has a very light ‘slice of life’ feel but also deals a bit more with the rejections a child has to deal with that come with being gay. I really liked it. Like I said, not really BL technically-speaking but nonetheless fitting if you are interested in such types of stories. If you want to read those chapters they’re both in volume one but I recommend reading the entire manga if you feel up to it!

Anyway, I had better leave it at that for now and go desperately dig around for something to read. ;; I really hate staying in bed all day.

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8 responses to “‘short reviews’ strikes back”

  1. Barbara (kokiden) says :

    Thanks for acknowledging our work <3 Haha my tastes are so all-encompassing, I didn't even notice that Ikemen-kun and Saenai-kun was skating so close to the BL edge until a member thanked us for doing shonen ai. It made me feel sad that we don't do more for her, but I have to admit, as clueless as I am, if I think about it, I prefer a story with actual sexual content. :D

    And hooray for gentle couples! I love 'em too!

    • ふう子 says :

      No, thank you for always putting out high-quality releases of really great titles! I always have completely faith in the manga your group picks up! Haha admittedly, I also prefer BL manga with actual sex scenes in it. I’m not sure why that is. Somehow it feels oddly incomplete to me to finish a book and not have at least one proper scene where they make love.

      They’re the best kind!

  2. Midnightveil says :

    Ooh i just picked up Dounika Naru Hibi! I love Takako Shimura’s works and this is an ideal collection to show off her range of narrative skill. I kinda wish the oneshots were longer tho.

    But yes, i must agree that BL without the sex is just.. not hitting the spot? LOL I guess it depends on expectations. I get really annoyed when the cover is misleading >_>

    • ふう子 says :

      I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything by her before so I’d better get on that. I really enjoyed Dounika Naru Hibi and would definitely love to read more works by Shimura Takako if they even vaguely resemble that type of story or atmosphere.

      hahaha exactly! Don’t get me wrong—I do really love soft BL as well. But I always just love it that tiny bit more if the characters go all the way in their relationship.

  3. Myluv2pop says :

    Ah, Chikatetsu no Inu! Another great manga from Kusama Sakae. I don’t know how far the scanlations are on it, but I hope you like it and stick with it!

  4. sringangel says :

    Hyakujitsu no Bara was srsly a love-hate relationship for me too.

    *bits and pieces of spoiler down there so discretion please!!!*

    The few flashbacks before they got deported back to Taki’s country is just so romantic that its tears worthy ;u;
    It kind off tells you how much Taki was feeling bad about keeping up with his post infront of his subordinates and in the same time torturing himself about how much he should have left Klaus behind by letting him do watever he wants.
    But of course stupid seme realizes in the end and everything was so romantic ahhhhhhh Inariya you are one tear-jerker T_T

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