More short reviews.

Today is my sister’s birthday!! So first off, happy birthday to her! She does not necessarily share my love of BL manga but puts up with me talking about it every second of every day so she is my true nakama nonetheless. Also, in BL manga news… there is pretty much no news! Rutile, so far, is the only publisher I’ve seen updating with something that didn’t just say they’re all safe from the destruction. Dear+ has not updated their site for the new issue yet and barely any new covers have been posted and J-Garden has been postponed to, I think, June?

But this lack of BL news is forcing me to choose between going through withdrawals or finishing up the books in my collection that I put away without finishing only to forget about them. And random scanlations that were tied up a while back when I had less time to sit online and read BL.

First off, I finished Arii Memeko’s Hitorijime Boyfriend. So cute. ;; I usually hate yandere characters because either they’re used for comedy and I can only stand ‘gag’ BL for so long before I lose interest, or they’re just really dramatic and creepy. But Hasekura was handled really well, I think, and his story with Kensuke was so cute. In general, it’s about two very good friends who were separated in the last year of elementary school. Kensuke was left heartbroken from the separation, so he’s ecstatic when he finds Hasekura goes to the same high school as him. But suddenly Hasekura is so touchy-feely and also rather… uh… posessive. A very cute story! I loved the scene where Hasekura was sick and Kensuke finally seemed to accept his feelings and they just cuddled together in bed, and the scene where Hasekura said that while Kensuke has a lot of things he ‘loves’, Hasekure only has Kensuke. I thought that scene was so touching. Also, can I just say I loved Setagawa? Because I did. I love how under the dust-jacket the cover is him in some ridiculous magical girl costume. More of that, please!

Then I tried reading Watanabe Asia’s Momoiro Dougubako and just… sob. orz;;;;; As I was saying to Snakey in the comments not too long ago, while my Japanese is enough to not even have trouble with modern-day-type schoolboy and salaryman stories without even touching a dictionary, old-type and fantasy stories are just too much. Even with my handy iPad-turned-JP-dictionary at my side I really struggled with this one and because Libre told scanlation groups to not work on their books this one isn’t going to get scanlated. So. ;; I hope to the BL gods that this one gets released in English somehow. As is the norm with Watanabe Asia’s books, every panel was just gorgeous and I did enjoy the story even while only barely understanding it, so I can only imagine how great a read it would be if only I understood 100%. /;A;\ Sorry, Watanabe Asia! I’ll try harder to understand Pink no Omocha!!

Last of what I read today was Sera’s Tsuki to Yabanjin. I don’t own the book, but read the scanlation from Blissful Sin. I read the first two chapters when they were released but then forgot about it, but the scanlation was completed today so I finished it. *w* It was cheesy in that way that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy and kind of rolling your eyes but nonetheless grinning at the same time. Admittedly not a new favorite or anything but I still enjoyed it a lot. Though… I lol’d at a couple scenes, such as how ridiculously huge Ald’s penis was. I mean, really! It was like a cannon!! And then the scene where he ripped off his shirt like a badass before ravishing Yuri. This book reminds me why I love even the cheesiest of BL manga—they’re all so fun and silly even when they’re pretty unrealistic and weird. Everyone should read it, seriously!

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4 responses to “More short reviews.”

  1. はち says :

    First of all, Happy Birthday to your sister! (*^.^*)

    Hitorijime Boyfriend sounds intriguing. I’m gonna try reading it. I’m not into yandere characters as well but the way you defined Hasekura, it sounds worth-reading, lol. The art is so pretty, too!

    Call me stupid but I didn’t know you also read scanlated mangas! @_@
    I thought you only read raws. (-__-;;)

    • ふう子 says :

      Thank you!

      I hope you enjoy it when you read it! I thought Hasekura was really sweet, but then I don’t really mind possessive characters as long as they aren’t jerks about it. I though Hasekura’s childishness and insecurity over being in love with Kensuke was really cute, so I enjoyed his character a lot.

      hahaha I read pretty much any BL manga I can get my hands on, tbh.

  2. sringangel says :

    Your sis shares the same birthday as Yasumoto Hiroki! *W*
    Mine is a day before. lol

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